Hey there beautiful… welcome to My Coach Wendy.

The home for creating rapid positive change – balance, mindfulness, family, love, healing and growth.

Are you ready to love your life more?

I am here now to take good care of you.  

Come… lets take the journey of you…


How is life going for you right now ?…  and how do you feel about that?… I am guessing you are here because you are seeking something… What are you longing for?  What do you want to feel more of?   Come find yourself, deepen your connection, get clarity and claim your power. Once you know who you really are – life just gets good. If you are feeling like happiness is a hard slog – you are doing it all wrong.

And if you are sick of feeling stuck, angry, sad or alone… come now, let me support you…

 I combine a wide range of powerful modalities from science based to spiritual practices to embodiment medicine as a wholesoul coach and healer.  One on one and small groups.  

Personal one-on-one coaching will rapidly change the way you do life – are you ready for more?  Say YES to you – no more waiting… this is it.. real life and change happens here…


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