An online portal for women only.

Access to powerful ‘womens only’ personal development delivered in a sacred way. New classes delivered weekly to be accesses anytime, anywhere by all members.

A private online community for women. Suits busy women on the go, mummas who can’t get out and all women who know that THIS is YOUR year to step up. And know this, you won’t be doing it alone. Join us.

The Sacred Embodiment Circle womens circle portal is now open.

Looking to meet like minded women, immerse in an online personal development experience all year long? To be held in a sacred container just for women to connect, grow and thrive together?

This Womens Circle portal might just be calling you… 

Any woman looking for a place in womens circle and you cant get one, or cant get out in the evenings this might be just what you are looking for. You can get to womens retreats, workshops or find outstanding practitioners near you? All this for just $5.50 per week.

I know its mad when I say it outloud. But I am doing it anyway.

I am giving you the gift of $800 worth of content each month for just $22 a month! Plus access to my members only private portal for connection and support.

This is for you if you:

You want to access super affordable transformative topics for women.

You would love to meet like-minded women for connection & support.

You find it hard to access to attend sessions & events in person.

Your prefer to learn at your own pace from the comfort of home.  

You are ready to step up this year and shine.

The Sacred Embodiment Circle has opened. 
All classes are recorded for you to access anywhere anytime. 
Dive in and out in from the privacy of your own bedroom. 

Explore the dynamic feminine. 
Grow, learn, share and shine. 

Immerse in womens only topics.

Connection, support and powerful topics for personal development. A private online community for women to connect, grow and shine. Exploring powerful and juicy topics together. Loving the bodies we are in. 

Confidence & connection.
Self care & self love.
Practical Mindfulness.
Emotional Mastery.

Taster Class:
What is Embodiment? And why we need it…

Join here: (read more in the ‘about’ section of the group)

Sacred online portal for women.
Join here:

Online Womens Circle Portal Experience.

Emotional freedom.

Feminine embodiment.

Sensuality, intimacy & connection.

Confidence & connection.

Mindfulness & practical tools that work.

A devotional focus on returning women to a state of openness & ease, through their bodies.

Transform the way you relate to yourself to transform the way you show up in the world.

Learn how to cultivate a positive & healthy relationship with yourself and radiate a life that feels alive and meaningful.

Welcome to the private membership portal Sacred Embodiment Circle for Women.

I hold a safe container for women to show up as a supportive community to take a journey of being an embodied woman.

All classes are recorded for you to access as often as you like from the comfort of your own home.

Personal development & sacred sisterhood for healing & growth.

Access the group when you like, as often as you like.

Engage in the work weekly or daily: when it suits you.

ALL new members will receive a personal face time or Skype call to personally welcome you.

I will deliver the topics you wish to explore.

You will journey through the feminine gateways combining breath, sound, movement, touch & embodied awareness.

You are invited to find & feel yourself like never before.

A journey of emotional mastery.

You will experience yourself in a new way.

I used to think that everything had to be BIG to make a difference, when my emotional body has taught me something very different.

When to step away from the masculine world of trying to be and do too much and when to slow right down, come home to myself and feel more.

I have been running sacred womens circles in ceremony and ritual for personal transformation for ten years, and now I am taking it online from 2020.

A new time is here for women to retribe with our hearts wide open.

There are a whole range of life changing basics you will experience in being an active member of this sacred container.

You get access to me raw, bare & real as your guide & mentor.

Offerings will be delivered through personal transmission of my energy & what I channel through.

You will also be given integration tasks & handouts.

This work will be held in a devotional Shamanic container of ritual & ceremony of my

We have all agreed to take this journey with openness, courage, curiosity, trust, playfulness, honesty & confidentiality.

What happens in this container stays in this container.

All members have been personally approved by me.

All women in this group have agreed to the rules of confidentiality & active commitment.

Payments will be made monthly due on the date you join set up by direct auto payments. All this and more for the super affordable $22 a month.

Watch the welcome videos, 4 part series now.

Everything you need to decide to join and prepare:

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What women say about working with Wendy

“Clarity. Deeper understanding and meaning. I survived a challenging time”.

“You are super intuitive and understand what I’m trying to say/convey without having to explain everything in a big verbal vomit”.


“You are mindful & reflective deliberate & cautious. Inner wisdom”.

“Whole moly….everything. You don’t go with fads or what’s in or what’s selling atm. You live and breathe what your service is. It’s almost like you have, (and still are) cracking the codes for the challenges in your life and are so fricken excited you H A V E to help and share with others”.

“I look at certain things that were once crippling, with a new light and curiosity, as if I am a third person looking on. I feel more independent and I feel like I’m just discovering my power as a woman. I’m really excited to keep learning and discovering”.


“You helped my girls and I navigate our way through our life with grief. I honestly feel grounded and peaceful when I think of our times together. We all know ourselves better. Are better at recognising our feelings and dealing with them. I can often see other struggle and offer solutions. I credit this to the work I did with you.”


“I feel acceptance of my path and take responsibility for myself. You are carefully considering. Deeply reflective. Framing situations into words”.
“Strengthened relationships with those who matter, toxic people are cut out quicker, I feel comfortable with myself”.


“I am much better at reflecting on what’s happened if I get caught in disagreement or conflict. Taking moments to breath and stay calm has helped me to not spiral into anxiety or ‘the end of the world’ over something small”.


“I now know that everything is ok. I’m on track. It’s all happening the way it’s meant to be. The simplicity of the breath”.

“People come to you because you speak to their heart. You have authentic empathy, wisdom and truly get your kicks from seeing people heal, become unstuck and liberate their lives”.

“Your honesty and raw vulnerability shine through. You unashamedly show all parts of yourself, the good and the bad. It makes it easier for us to relate to you”.

“For a natural, humanistic coaching experience, without the impersonal-rigmarole of mainstream coaching”.

“Living your best real life, how to embrace being woman. Healing through awareness and embodied expression”.

“People come to you when they’re stuck, when they can’t move through or beyond something on their own anymore, for help and answers”.

“You remind me that the work is never done. I love how much of your growth you share. I feel like it gives me permission to be where I’m at!”.

“The key for me about what you do is your professionalism in showing up, knowing exactly what has to be addressed and then you reframe it to allow whats important to come through. Whilst embodiment is your thing its your words that have the power”.

“I feel more empowered, which flows into my work and personal life where I can empower others”.

“Intuitive healing. Understanding why someone has come to you from only a few words or a first meeting”.


“I have done therapy before and think I will just go because its good for me. But I actually want to come here. It is really helping me. It is pretty obvious really, now that you are teaching me the embodiment and emotional tools”.

“Growth, development, change, transformation. Flowers blossoming. The butterfly coming out of the cocoon”.


“You support me in getting intense emotions moving through my body, womb healing, feeling, feeling, feeling! Paving the way for me to express & be the real me”!

Being imperfect. I love it.

I love you to bits!

Thank you for being in my life.

Your own journey has been to the benefit and growth of those around you.

You are an earth Angel.

Making people feel loved.

Growth, awareness, insight.

More in touch with my subtleties.

Healthy attitudes towards everything.

Clarity and direction Self acceptance.

You are honest, very knowledgeable and get results. Paragraph

You like to help people.

You are real, raw, relevant.