What women have been saying about me //

At the end of each year I go through a deeply internal phase of folding inward and reflecting on me and my work. And how I will be of service the next year. Which has now begun… Here are some of the reflections I received back when I surveyed a range of clients and followers. These are actually a part of my own growth process, however I thought I would be nice share some with you… Thank you to all the women who participated. I am always open to feedback, comments and suggestions. xW

“Clarity. Deeper understanding and meaning. I survived a challenging time”.

“You are super intuitive and understand what I’m trying to say/convey without having to explain everything in a big verbal vomit”.


“You are mindful & reflective deliberate & cautious. Inner wisdom”.

“Whole moly….everything. You don’t go with fads or what’s in or what’s selling atm. You live and breathe what your service is. It’s almost like you have, (and still are) cracking the codes for the challenges in your life and are so fricken excited you H A V E to help and share with others”.

“I look at certain things that were once crippling, with a new light and curiosity, as if I am a third person looking on. I feel more independent and I feel like I’m just discovering my power as a woman. I’m really excited to keep learning and discovering”.


“You helped my girls and I navigate our way through our life with grief. I honestly feel grounded and peaceful when I think of our times together. We all know ourselves better. Are better at recognising our feelings and dealing with them. I can often see other struggle and offer solutions. I credit this to the work I did with you.”


“I feel acceptance of my path and take responsibility for myself. You are carefully considering. Deeply reflective. Framing situations into words”.
“Strengthened relationships with those who matter, toxic people are cut out quicker, I feel comfortable with myself”.


“I am much better at reflecting on what’s happened if I get caught in disagreement or conflict. Taking moments to breath and stay calm has helped me to not spiral into anxiety or ‘the end of the world’ over something small”.


“I now know that everything is ok. I’m on track. It’s all happening the way it’s meant to be. The simplicity of the breath”.

“People come to you because you speak to their heart. You have authentic empathy, wisdom and truly get your kicks from seeing people heal, become unstuck and liberate their lives”.

“Your honesty and raw vulnerability shine through. You unashamedly show all parts of yourself, the good and the bad. It makes it easier for us to relate to you”.

“For a natural, humanistic coaching experience, without the impersonal-rigmarole of mainstream coaching”.

“Living your best real life, how to embrace being woman. Healing through awareness and embodied expression”.

“People come to you when they’re stuck, when they can’t move through or beyond something on their own anymore, for help and answers”.

“You remind me that the work is never done. I love how much of your growth you share. I feel like it gives me permission to be where I’m at!”.

“The key for me about what you do is your professionalism in showing up, knowing exactly what has to be addressed and then you reframe it to allow whats important to come through. Whilst embodiment is your thing its your words that have the power”.

“I feel more empowered, which flows into my work and personal life where I can empower others”.

“Intuitive healing. Understanding why someone has come to you from only a few words or a first meeting”.


“I have done therapy before and think I will just go because its good for me. But I actually want to come here. It is really helping me. It is pretty obvious really, now that you are teaching me the embodiment and emotional tools”.

“Growth, development, change, transformation. Flowers blossoming. The butterfly coming out of the cocoon”.


“You support me in getting intense emotions moving through my body, womb healing, feeling, feeling, feeling! Paving the way for me to express & be the real me”!

Being imperfect. I love it.

I love you to bits!

Thank you for being in my life.

Your own journey has been to the benefit and growth of those around you.

You are an earth Angel.

Making people feel loved.

Growth, awareness, insight.

More in touch with my subtleties.

Healthy attitudes towards everything.

Clarity and direction Self acceptance.

You are honest, very knowledgeable and get results.

You like to help people.

You are real, raw, relevant.

end note: My Coach Phoebe gave me a specific set of questions to ask a range of clients. Thank you ladies. You support me to stay on track too. Welcome to 2020. xW

What they have been saying…

“I felt safe and secure working with Wendy, even as the session became more challenging and intense. She encouraged me to breathe through my triggers around feeling ‘safe to be in my power’ and ‘safe to feel pleasure’. While it was difficult to stay present, especially as we went deeper. Wendy patiently talked me through my hiccups and resistances, and my ‘wigging out’, allowing me to find that safety within my breathe and my body. Laughter, and then as I softened, tears, Wendy was amazing at taking me through old patterns and stories I have been previously aware of, and yet accessed so much more deeply with this session with her. Powerful stuff. Thank you Wendy xox”.


When they arrived for the couples session he was nervous. He was looking forward to ‘doing something together for us, instead of her going off all the time and doing things like this all on her own’. He’s a blokey kind of bloke and a ‘I’ve got lots to get done’ kinda man. He’s a family man. The provider.
I worked on his body as she observed, taking him through a breath awareness practice. His body was hard and stiff. It took time to open him, into moving more fluid and filling up his heart space with more movement and air flow.
Then it happened…. He softened. His tense jaw slackened. His posture improved. He felt his body like this ‘maybe for the first time’.
His heart cracked open to the potential of feeling more, letting her in, letting himself be seen – FEELING her there waiting… He said it felt so good to rest in his body, and that he didnt want it to stop. She learnt how to love him in the way his body needs.
The mystery of his body unfolded and he spoke beautify words of love and connection to his wife.
It was such a gift to be present to hold the space for them to deeper their love, renew their connection and trust one another more.
He said he felt more confident and powerful and is excited with their homework to go and test out their new way of being together.
The journey has begun…
He is back in his body.


De-armouring the body through breath & touch… Ive been working with three gorgeous women this weekend, feeling through their fears & challenges, healing old wounds and integrating solutions.
Fear of being angry. Fear of saying NO. Fear of feeling & expressing emotions. Fear to lead & be seen.
(this is discovered in the session through embodied enquiry)
We rewired their bodies in love and trust, leading from the heart, deeper communication with her lover, safe to be heard and seen, safe to say no and express her anger, congruence to lead with confidence, more sensation during love making. Stating open and curious with our body as the teacher…
They each have homework tasks to carry on with this week…

“Hello Wendy – My week was good. I definitely found myself more centred and operating from a more considered base. I did some breath work every day – and really enjoyed the ‘coming back’ sensation it gave me – even if it was just a couple of breathes at my desk. I haven’t done any big ‘wild woman’ work yet – but have spent a lot of time barefoot in the garden to start bringing her in… listening to some earthy drumming tracks. I had no idea I was operating from the diaphragm upwards. When trying to deep breathe it was almost like Trying to gulp air. After the session I feel that blockage has cleared, I can breathe all the way down and out in a fluid motion, bringing myself right into my body. Meaning I’m operating now not only from my head and heart but from my gut and base too. Powerful”.


“During love making, I’ve found myself breathing differently, sounding differently, without thinking about it. It’s caught me by surprise. It’s like just from that one session, my body wants to breathe and move differently. It’s already rewiring”. Coaching & BodyWork client last week. I am loving the feedback from clients and how they are integrating the work.

If you are not happy inside of yourself… things start to fall apart. You start to crumble at work. Maybe yell at the kids. Your relationship breaks down. You get more stressed. Then you cant sleep. You are tired. So you dont go out anymore. You feel sad. So dont want to see your friends. You loose interest in fun things like hobbies & sport… So you body starts to hurt and you turn into a blob…. and on it goes… The ripple effect…
Now you might address ‘My marriage is not working’. When in fact, it begun because something deep inside is unhealed, and sabotaging your ability to embrace life fully. So is it your marriage, or the way you parent, or how you perform at work? Or is it just Y O U.
Maybe its just you that really needs a little TLC first…
Time for a little mid-life reflection?


“Hi Wendy, yes I felt conscious in interim transition moments soaking in more and therefore breathing more consciously- felt good. Curiously I felt quite prepared for a big challenge at the end of the week which was difficult and emotional. Your work feels safe and reassuring”.

Emotional Coach Wendy weaves talk therapy, embodied breath and subtle touch for heart opening, emotional healing and personal transformation. A blend of progressive approaches for authentic healing & growth. Wendy guides you into your body to access your truth & wisdom.


Contract Assistance and Teaching

Do you need a professional hand with the organisation or delivery of your work in the world?
Please contact Wendy direct to discuss your program and contract requirements. 


“Wendy is the best supporter I’ve ever had. She provided a level of safety through her organisation and nurturer skills that allowed me to relax into delegation and to focus on what I was there to do: transmit a facilitation. Everything is easy with Wendy, she is always ready to help, takes responsible initiatives, transforms spaces into living temples, has a charming smile and a welcoming heart with all participants. Not only was she supporting the course I came to facilitate in Perth, the participants of the course but also me. Her carrying nature goes beyond her “host” role, this is her embodied nature. I highly recommend her to any teacher that is looking to be help with organisation and promotion. My only complaint is that she sets the bar so high that is then difficult to find someone else as good as her!”
Laura Deva
Tantra teacher
Dancing Eros Facilitator
Melbourne Australia. 



“Hi Wendy,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your last two sessions with our participants. It went incredibly well!! The women all responded positively and have had only wonderful things to say. It was always understood that they would need to maybe go outside their ‘normal’ line of thinking and they really took on so much of what you shared with them, and I will be referring back to your coping and feeling exercises!
My instinct was beginning a journey like this with inspiration from someone like yourself would be a good way to start and I think we got it right! I will keep you updated on how it all pans out and how the women get on! Thank you again so so much and I really look forward to working with you in the future!”
Sarah Humble
Employment Consultant

Forrest Personnel
Geraldton WA. 


sheDance love… how does this profound work continue to support you?

Mother and Daughter Day Retreat – what they said…

FullSizeRender 10The Mother and Daughter day retreat is really something special… and will be remembered by your daughter for the rest of her life.  It truely is a gift – the one YOU can easily choose to give her.  Taking a sacred Rite of Passage opens all internal gateways to her becoming a resourceful, resilient and confident daughter… and now she is ready for the world…

I honour the mums who took a whole day out from the usual business of life for this very special one on one time to see her, and foster closeness and intimacy in a beautiful and sacred feminine setting. 

What the daughters said…(in their words)

‘It was an amazing experience to learn about being a woman and knowing what to do when I get to have my period’. 

‘It was good to just spend some time with my mum.  It has improved the love between us.  I feel like I canFullSizeRender 11 talk to my mum more and not be worried.  When I get my period, I think I am going to be pretty excited.  Its good to know how everything works.  Its exciting to get it, and very special’.

‘I am excited for my body to change.  I don’t need to worry about growing up.  It made it easy for me to ask questions. I now know what to do.  It was good to spend more time with my mum and a learnt a lot. I really really really liked it and I would love to come back’.

“I think other girls who are thinking of coming, should come. I loved it’. 

‘I was nervous about having my period, but now I feel better. I feel excited now because we have talked FullSizeRender 10 copyabout it and I know how to use things.  Thank you so much for spending time with my mum, and it got me even closer to my mum.  I really enjoyed today’. 

‘It has improved our relationship because we finally got to talk to one another peacefully.  Before coming today I would freak out when I got my period because I didn’t know what to do.  I now have bright things to look forward to. I really liked all of it. I want to do it again’. 

‘I feel more confident, and got to spend time with my mum’.

‘I feel excited and confident.  I loved it when we played with the pads and tampons. It was really fun. We got to learn in a fun new way. We made nests and play with sanitary items and I feel happy that mum brought me here. I was lots of fun and the best bit was bonding with my mummy’. 

‘I learn a way to speak to my mother about my problems and how to fix them.  I feel proud.  We got to speak openly about everything.  It was a lot of fun and a good experience. I really liked the flying yoga position and the ceremony at the end.  Making the flower mandala was fun and it turned out beautiful.  Its amazing and a good time to hang out with my mum’. 

FullSizeRender 15

What the mums said…. (in their words),

So perfect from beginning to end, thank you Wendy. It is so important to see and honour our daughters, and to take the time to prepare and celebrate their passage into womanhood. You created and held this space so profoundly and professionally. But even the mothers and our own passages were honoured – so beautiful! I love that today we modelled to our girls – becoming a young woman – a feminine centred sacred way of being and living. I wish all mothers and daughters, no matter what age, could have this in their lives’. Fiona. 

‘I beautiful day where I could devote every minute to my gorgeous daughter. to be a part of an ancient tradition and show her how to connect to other women is truely magical. The openness of a beautiful group of women. And for my daughter to see women embracing menstruation. To feel and see all mothers and daughters in the room is truely beautiful’. 

‘Such an amazingly special, emotional, heartfelt experience to share with my daughter. Something EVERY young woman should get to experience and every Mother should gift her daughter. And herself! I have an amazing daughter.  And we had a beautiful time. Thank you Wendy. Thank you Gracie. Everything was brilliant, especially the science and medical visit. We’d love to do it again. xo’.

‘Today has been an emotional and amazing journey with my Maiden. Ive learnt news ways to communicate with her and our bond feels stronger than ever! Every part of the day was relevant and all questions answered at a level she could understand. Thank you a million times Wendy for this beautiful, special day with my sweet girl. Its opened up the lines of communication and taken some pressure off me explaining periods and puberty’.

FullSizeRender 11 copy 2‘A beautiful retreat for each and both of us together. Time out to reflect, ponder and celebrate important times in our life and being a woman. So much in our world – TV, social media, commercials – are telling girls how they should look, think and feel. Its refreshing and important to have time to hear and experience deeper, meaningful messages. Testament to this ‘letting go’ and being natural, is that my daughter is no longer feel comfortable holding hands with me in public, and thats okay, but today she did, as it was accepted and encouraged. There was lots of this.’FullSizeRender 16

‘It was so good to spend time together, and it has opened up the conversation about puberty and being a woman. Its opened up the conversation about respecting ourselves as women, understanding what is unique and beautiful about being a woman’. 

‘Its reminded me to be even more open and honest with each other. Its reinforced that its okay to talk to me openly and her changing body.  It was beautiful to see the way in which all of the girls became closer with their mothers throughout the day.  Some great questions in how to open up lines of communication. The food was beautiful.  The content was relevant and kept the girls interested. The flow was easy, stress free and very emotional. It was very enjoyable.  Such a wonderful day with such strong inspiring women and their equally special daughters. Thank you Wendy for hosting such an amazing retreat’. 

‘Thank you so much for the beautiful day. I never imagined it would be so emotional. I’m recommending it to all my friends with daughters of this age group as I think it’s something every mother daughter should do’.

‘Amazing I thank you Wendy for this time with my daughter and to separate from the busyness of life’. 

FullSizeRender 12‘Beautiful.  I loved the undistracted time with my daughter. It was perfect, spot on and I loved it. Its given us even more openness and depth’. 

‘Wendy is a beautiful soul.  Made all feel at ease and welcome. Open and honest, had the right words to suit the situations. So much love and thought put into her retreats, made a beautiful experience for myself and my daughter.  The Rite of Passage was beautiful. I really enjoyed all aspects.  I hope that my daughter has the confidence to come to me with anything and know that I will support her. Thank you’. 

‘A precious day spent with my daughter that will remain with me forever.  I hoped that my daughters reaction to the idea would shift from being ‘yucky’ to being excited. Job done! She looks at it very differently, in just one day. Through Wendys retreat, we have received the key to open the door to questioning anything and everything. The future is exciting. Bring on puberty!’


Hi Wendy,   (emailed in….)

I just wanted to thank you once again for such an amazing day yesterday. My daughter and I had such a wonderful time connecting on a much deeper basis than what we have for a very long time. I think we can appreciate it even more afterwards than at the time because we both feel that real sense of connection in the aftermath. We both felt like we were a part of something very spiritual and very special, so thankyou. I think I learnt as much as she did! The photos were absolutely lovely so thankyou for forwarding them on.

Big hugs from us both


sheDance sacred womens business retreat… what they said!

FullSizeRender 3

What an amazing journey.  I felt challenged.  I felt pushed.  I felt safe.  I felt love… I just felt so much it was so satisfying.  If you want to feel your edge, get pushed past it and grow as a woman, then sheDance is for you!  You will come out of it as an integrated, shining and radiant woman. Kayla.

sheDance was an embodiment experience that really took me to my edge – of comfort, of sureness and what I know, of being – and then dropped me into myself with such gentle grace that everything made sense. Katie and Wendy held a beautiful space and lead the group with honour and vulnerability.  I came in with questions and left centred, calm and sure.  Fleur.

FullSizeRender 4Loved how this process smashed my mirror and let the pieces settle, recategorised each shard and pieced it back to together through honouring all the archetypes of the Divine Feminine. Becoming whole again.  Complete.  I see myself with love, honour and respect.  Danielle. 

sheDance is like nothing I have ever experienced.  There is vulnerability, wonderful people and yummy food.  There is so much raw, real, beautiful and light.  And it is oh so safe. If you feel lost, if you feel empty, explore sheDance.  Stop.  Listen.  Act.  Tanya.

I was given a heads up before I came from a woman who walks with me ‘your body will fight, you mind will too, but follow your heart back to your souls home’.  This weekend smashed through so much of what I had such down in myself, it physically hurt and my mind gave me every reason to back down. Instead of backing down, I surrendered. In that surrendering I found myself filled with love and clarity of what to do from here on.  I am all I have ever wanted and needed even though my parts are angry at the things I have done to shut me down.  She loves me.  I love me.  THANK YOU!  Sinead.18557344_10211459496436402_6914664601760842732_n

I came to the weekend disconnected from others and disconnected from myself.  I could not see why anyone would think I was worthy of them. I didn’t feel worthy of loving myself.  In three days I have connected so intimately with myself that I can now see me. I have opened up my heart so others can see me too.  I realise that I am enough.  With all this I am so empowered, I am beautiful and its time for me to shine, really SHINE. Wendy and Katie, thank you for the love and connection.  Thank you for showing us from so deeply inside yourselves.  Andrea.

The most heart moving and opening experience I have ever had.  I now see me.  Brooke.

18589138_10211459271830787_1229227958891934728_oFor as long as I can remember I have lived a life of numbness and quiet despair. I moved through my days with a mask of cheerful competence, not wanting to let others know how little I actually felt.  This retreat pulled back the mask of civility and allowed me to feel deeply, to show up, to find my true voice.  If even a part of you is feeling a pull toward this retreat, do it, listen to that voice.  Tara.

Wow, what a journey.  I actually got so much more than I was expecting. Such a safe environment to explore myself and develop my feminine, alongside my sisters.  The space was sacred and divine, as well as magical. The weekend was so jam packed and we are all leaving here with something of value, having explore ourselves and our deep inner truths.  I am overflowing with joy and love for every lady here. This work is so important for every woman to do in their lives.  You are missing out on a happy complete self if you don’t do it.  Jasper.

Trust that this is the right place to journey back to you, if you are so called.  Thank you Wendy and Katie. Ladies of the Realm.  Alison.

I started my journey many years ago and needed to find pieces to heal me.  This weekend let me really feel, connect and be truthful to me.  It was what I was looking for, showing me what was broken in me and needed work, and that I am strong, and what parts of me, all together, do matter to me. The space is lead by two amazing souls who guided us through a safe space to go deeply inward.  Love all my sistas.  Leisha.

18588814_10211459007864188_4355833742500081407_oBrilliant.  Empowering.  A journey to self and from beyond.  Bringing the Divine Feminine, the wise all knowing woman.  Zita.

F*&king amazing!  To step into a safe space to truly show up to who you are.  That space deep inside thats been waiting for so long to express who you are, no avoiding, just open and receive. She was always there inside of me. Lisa.

Thank you for a wonderful, needed weekend.  From the music, rituals, set up, food, hostesses, what a wonderful journey.  You built a space, safety, and gave us permission to be ourselves. I can’t thank you enough for this life changing experience. Esta.

sheDance reconnected me with my Divine Self.  I got in touch with the power of my mind, my will power, sense of security, sense of joy and sensuality of the beautiful woman I am.  If you feel distant or disconnected from yourself – get on this!  You will not regret it.  Katie and Wendy – thank you from the bottom of my heart. Alexia.

18589020_10211459267390676_5836909311536104396_oOther comments;
OMG divine food, catered for everyones needs. I knew I was in safe hands. Really nice rhythm and flow. The energy held was amazing.  Want the next one to be longer!  I let go of all of my insecurities.  Venue looked so beautiful.  Delicious food!  So nutritious.  The flow of the program was perfect.  I felt safe and extremely involved.  I loved it 50 gazillion out of 10.  The flowers and alters were stunning.  I loved the openness of Katie and Wendy. I felt supported and contained the whole time.  So much love for you two beautiful souls.  Beautiful thank you.
Very well organised and flowed well.   Yummy perfect food.
The set up, decorations and scents absolutely beautiful.   You catered for everything.  Snacks and meals amazingly beautiful, living in next time would be fabulous.   20 out of 10 from me!  Delicious food, so nurturing.  I can’t thank you enough for the gift you have given me.   10+++.   The Priestesses Cath and Dani were beautiful.  I only wished we had more time!

Apply now for retreat number two.  16 places available only.   Enrol in the free sheDance video series for women under the sheDance link.  Email if you know you really want to be there, to get on the list. 

…deep bow sisters… xWendy and Katie…  We see you…



sheDance was recently blogged about… here is an excerpt;

“Recently I went to a retreat with the lovely Katie & Wendy .  It’s called a sheDance retreat.  I had some of the biggest discoveries in my life over this weekend.  I don’t really know where to start or what to say because it is so profound.

I can look at the sky now and see the blue that it is and know that is the colour it is meant to be, it is there for everyone to see and appreciate.  It is there for me to enjoy and marvel at.

I can see my 2 puppies and know that they come up to me for a pat because they love me and I can feel the love they give and it’s not just about what I can give them.

I can sit here on my verandah and know that because I love the person I am and I can accept the differences I have others will love me and accept those differences as well.  I am there person I was meant to be.

If I take the time to stop, listen and receive the messages my inner self is sending me I will follow through and do the things I am meant to do, because I have all the answers inside of me.  No one can fill the holes I feel I have on the inside. I can hold myself.  I have everything I need.  I am the person I have been waiting for.

I am oh so grateful to Katie and Wendy for holding the safe, sacred, beautiful space they did for myself and other women to go through and experience and discover for ourselves who we really are.  They are such loving, caring and giving women.  Sacred Women’s Work is something we have lost contact with in this world of busy and it’s women like these two that are bringing it back and the world will be forever grateful for this as they spread their words, knowledge and love far and wide”.  🙏 KT. ‘myfarminglife’.

there has been lots of lovely going on…


sheDance movement medicine

What they said…
‘it was an extremely emotional experience… its time to be my true self. Today made me realise that I have the power to do so’.
The best part was ‘feeling connected to such beautiful women, being empowered to be a woman. I feel like I have been saved today. I feel I can take my life by the balls and live it, not just survive it’. 
‘I was a bit sceptical, but I loved the experience. I didn’t realise there was so much emotion so close to the surface. I need to connect to myself more frequently’.
‘I love it all. I am going to just be me, and not caring what others think of me’.
‘It was emotional, empowering and healing. I am enough and can tap into my feminine’.
‘I really enjoyed the movement, and exploring my body more. It was a wonderful experience, I feel free’.
‘It was a very unexpected experience. I really felt a force and power. I fear letting people in… I am (now) very comfortable in my skin’.
‘It still percolating! But I feel very positive, freeing and LIBERATING… loved the opportunity to experience freedom and natural movement’.

“I am feeling waves of deep Gratitude for Wendy and Katie and for sharing this offering of sheDance with us. Life can feel very overwhelming at times, especially during times of personal or social change and sheDance offers a beautiful retreat into my core – into the steady rhythm of life, the pulse that can hold and carry and guide me through uncharted territory. sheDance provides the space for me to explore what’s whole and true in me, despite what it looks and feels like on the surface.” C Geraldton.


Mindfulness for Women


‘I was feeling overwhelmed, now I feel ‘I can do this’ and I need to look after myself.  This was huge validation I need to take care of myself!’.

‘I feel relaxed and less heady’.

‘I have been feeling down, stressed and angry. In this moment I feel genuinely happy and relaxed.  It helped me to realise the strength within myself and that I am the source of my happiness’. 

‘I was feeling down and sorry for myself. You reminded me to live in the now. I feel calm and reenergised’. 

‘I was feeling tired and exhausted. I have renewed energy and feel motivated, relaxed and calm’.

‘You have taught me to have time for me, and that I not only can ‘think’ with my head but also with my heart and intuition.  I loved it all’. 

‘I was stressed and lonely.  I know now that I need to let things go and enjoy the moments now. It was a lovely morning, breathing, slowing down and enjoying the now’. 

‘It calmed all my inner thoughts and reminded me it is okay to feel and embrace my emotions and breathe’. 

‘I was feeling very stressed and ‘somewhere else’, now I feel proactive and positive. I learnt how to stop and just be. It is okay to trust my heart and gut’. 

‘I was lacking motivation. Now I know I can handle anything that there is and I have so much to be grateful for. I loved the body scans, it was all amazing’. 

‘I was feeling rushed, scattered, not able to concentrate in a rush. I am at peace now, relaxed. Be kind to myself.  Listening is not about fixing’. 


17155847_1879158415443517_646886954554418100_nWHY do Sacred Womens Work?

Here are some words said by recent participants: ‘I felt crushed before coming and now I feel liberated, womanly and whole’.

“I was stuck, having trouble moving forward. Its been a lot of emotional ups and down, overall positive and I am making progress”.

‘I was feeling disconnected, alone and angry, now I feel optimistic and know I need some help at times. I am open and have a deeper understanding that we (women) are all the same’.

“I was conflicted, too ridged, angry, sad and confused about why I was feeling this way. I now feel like I have let go of the river bank and ready to laugh, love and celebrate. I see me’.

“I was feeling a bit lost, sad and grieving. Now I have more direction, sense of self, more peaceful and feeling more connected. Its the beginning of a new journey to self”.




“What an enlightening , inspiring and empowering morning Wendy. Feel like I can enjoy and be more in the moment”.





25 women took the sheDance (dancing the divine feminine) 
taster experience… here is some more of what they said…

‘I came tonight feeling exhausted and disconnected. By the end I feel connected to myself, energised and I can see, everything looks bright, like a light was turned on. Thank you’.
‘Really cool, I enjoyed it and found it easy to connect to the music’

‘Loved being around the other women on the same journey. I really like being the wild woman andseeing my little girl accepting the challenge’.
‘I felt teary and had not realised how much I had been neglecting my inner child. I felt freedom. Powerful. It was so freeing’.
‘I was able to make connection with each archetype, the guided words helped. I notice the empty space in my heart and connection to my body and mind’.
‘It was confronting and made me face a few honest truths. Like I need to have more fun! I loved the movement and connection to myself’.
‘I loved the expression and experimentation’.
‘I love connecting to my wise woman and work on my assertiveness. It was so good to get into my body and escape words and thinking’.
‘It was confronting but calming. I need to work on shame and shyness and my sensuality. It was a safe space. I needed to come tonight, it all makes sense. I need to free all parts of myself and take a journey’.
‘Everything was perfect’.
My experience was ‘strong, powerful, emotional and expressive. I loved the freedom to feel, the space, being held and supported’. 



One-on-One Coaching for Men too…


Lives changing for women…


The results from making a four week commitment to yourself.
– once a week for four weeks on Wednesday nights. 
A powerful personal development experience for women.  


“Thank you for the last month.  I was convinced I had so much going on in October and no time for the weekly commitment of time & money – but Circle kept me accountable and in the flow of what we were working on! The weekly check in made sure the Circle experience was a constant in my life and helped me recognise all the different stages of the month (cyclical and situation wise) and how that effected me…what my response was and how I could do better…..
I found the women in Circle so supportive even though most were strangers and new to the experience, everybody took the experience in their stride and I loved hearing about others lives, issues and how they were applying the Circle themes and wisdom into their week.
October was such a big transformation for me!  I really owe a lot to the experience of Circle, the consistency of meditation, being more aware of my body weekly and learning from the elements and nature.  Connecting this all back to nature and women’s cycles were my favourite parts”.




“Thanks for all your wisdom, direction and fun.

I particularly got a lot from the ‘Wise Woman’ evening.

In my meditation I saw the ‘Ancients’ and they spoke to me about my direction and enthusiasm. We sat around a campfire discussing things.

That night I didn’t need to sleep.Yay! What a high”.







Register your interest for the next round Term one 2017.
Fill out this form now to get on the list.

Very limited places as I only take a small group through each term.
Ready to take your own powerful journey of change?  

I will take good care of you… xWendy




Mother and Daughter Day Retreat

What a wonderful day Mother and Daughter shared on Sunday…

We all took a whole day to honour our daughters and nourish our relationships.

Our daughters listened and learnt all about becoming a young woman with confidence.

A few things our daughters said on their feedback forms…

‘I felt like I know what is going on better and I am prepared’
‘I love having time with my mum and today that is exactly what we did’
‘I found Lisas talk very interesting and useful’
‘I feel confident and excited and looking forward to becoming a woman’
‘I feel better but still not a fan of having my period’
‘We spent more time together and I think we understand each other more’
09-IMG_7366‘This day helped me by telling myself it is okay to be open with my mum’
‘I feel confident, safe and happy’
‘It has been wonderful as I have found out alot about her.
I also got to know what my mother thinks about me’
‘I feel proud and confident to become a young woman’
‘I feel better and I am a bit excited’
‘I now know that because of bossing around, your mum is looking after you’
‘I am not scared anymore’

05-IMG_7295favourite parts
 ‘snuggling with my mum’.  ‘because we were together’.  ‘how to use pads and tampons’  ‘the reproductive system and organs’. 
‘washing my mums and mine feet’.  ‘making the Mandela’.  ‘doing yoga on the grass with my mum’  ‘the face painting ceremony at the end’
“I would say to people that it is a fun way to experience and get comfortable with having / getting your period, if you dont feel comfortable to talk to your mum, or just to be with her, you should definitely come, because it has worked with me and my mum. I was fun, I had a good experience. It is a good way to relieve stress. The people dont judge you, they accept you for who you are. They mothers do get very emotional, but that is okay. It means they really do care, respect and love you”.
“Even though it might feel a bit scary and uncomfortable at first, this day is a great way to hang out with your mum and to grow to love yourself. You will laugh, your mum will cry, but it will be great at the end. Enjoy time with your mum while you can. She will love you through your lows and highs. This retreat day is absolutely amazing and I had a great time”.

A few things the mums said;

“Invaluable. I am so very grateful for this life changing, life marking ritual day. I will shout it from rooftops”. Clara. 
04-IMG_7287‘I really enjoyed the reverence and opportunity to share menses circle with my Maiden and other Maidens and their mothers. I felt so grateful to have had the day honouring our girls and sharing in a Rite of Passage. Wendy has beautiful tone and holds space so beautifully and creates a feeling of safety, warmth and trust. Thanks to all the other women who shared their wisdom, experience and knowledge”. Lara.
“A great day for mother to bond wiht her daughter in a safe and inclusive space. Makes them feel comfortable to open up and share”. Jodie. 
“It was a beautiful day to spent with just ‘us’. It was very through and helped my daughter to fully understand the dynamics of her body. Thanks Wendy”. Katie. 
“Wendy is a wonderful facilitator – wise, creative and compassionate (and a bit cheeky too)” Lara.
“I really enjoyed this day with all the daughters and mothers. I also feel more comfortable to talk with my daughter about all topics. Will definitely do this again with all my daughters”. Jodie. 
07-IMG_7345Dusty and I were eagerly awaiting this day with much excitement! The opportunity to honour her as she matures into a young woman and to celebrate our relationship within a community of other wise women and their daughters was too good an opportunity to miss!
Thank you Wendy for making this possible. The day was sacred, beautiful, educational and nourishing from start to finish. We both learnt new tricks, heard new stories, saw each other in fresh and deep ways. I really appreciated the honesty and sharing of the other mothers and daughters too.
I had been a bit concerned that she was not ‘old enough’ and perhaps some of what we would explore on the day would go over her head or make her uncomfortable, but the opposite was true! She dived in with courage and curiosity, I have so much admiration for her! I cannot think of a better way to have introduced her into the women’s mysteries. The support, intention and love in that circle of women was palpable. Wendy, you held a divine feminine space for maidens, mothers and queens to be seen, heard and honoured.
Thanks gorgeous!”  Cath.



Womens Circle… what she said…

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 9.39.48 AM

I asked… what impact did coming to Circle have on you?…

Overall in touch with myself. L.
Amazing positive impact, so much awesome stuff to learn, so exciting.  A.
So much more happiness and belonging. A.
Positive impact on how I look at my life. More focussed. E.
I feel connected deeply to all things good in my life. It was really enriching. A.
Great. Feeling like I am on track. Space and time to reflect and for introspection. L

My letter to the 14 Goddesses who took this journey…

“Thank you for joining me and other luscious women over the past month to journey together in Womens Circle. 
Sacred Circles – all around the world – are a reverent powerful place for us to do our own work… journey beneath the skin to reflect, learn, heal, share, laugh and cry…
Circle is our teacher… trust what happens at Circle is what you need in that moment. 
I have been in, and facilitated, and trained in Womens Circle myself for over five years and its one of the best things I have ever done for myself as a woman.  As a result I love myself more, made life long sisters, own all of my layers, know how to be still and have explored so many divine feminine aspects of myself.  All of this enhances the way I do everyday life… in such a profound way…
I invite you to develop a deeper relationship with all things cyclic in nature.. such as being in nature and the watching the moon… 
Women move in rhythmic ways.. flowing creatures… just like the seasons of Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring… just like the Lunar Phases Dark, Waxing, Full, Waning…
And we too… have a monthly cycle… We too are cyclic… step into your full powers and monthly energies. Observe your own fullness, waning, mysteries and magic. 
In your everyday life now…
I invite you to look women in the eye, show yourself, speak real words about you and your life. 
Be authentic, be raw and real… be the women now you want to become.
Embrace your light and dark. No more fucking around with who you are… BE her. 
Stop giving a shit about what people think of you. 
Nothing is more attractive than a woman who is confident in her own skin.  Be HER…
Own yourself in a new grown up kinda way…  
Ooze this strong sensuality and share your light with other women.
We all need this from one another. 
Real strength and L O V E. Be her…
End our isolation and separateness. 
You are the one you have been waiting for…
Embrace whole body living with the breath… make this your daily self care ritual.  
This is the magic pill for that thing we call ‘stress’. 
Everything you are longing for, chasing, waiting for is right here, right now… so just step into it.  
The breath will take you there. 
If I can support you in anyway, just ask… that is what I do… work with women just like Y O U who want to embrace every aspect of themselves and this thing we call life.
Live it daily. 
Much love… Wendy”
MISS OUT? simply follow the MCW FB page to hear about the next round.

I said, ‘you don’t need to come back anymore’…

Wendy-Watters-sqSo Neal* has been here 3 times…

His goal was to ‘sort himself out‘.

This included healing from his marriage breakdown, being a better parent, dealing with his dads death properly and moving on as a happy confident man.
He rated these areas of his life 0,3,5,5 in his happiness levels.

Today he rated these areas 9,9,9,10.

The progress he has made has been outstanding. 

Where all NEWS is G O O D!..

behindclosedoorsL O O K what has been happening behind closed doors…

“Hi Wendy,
I’m going well, lots of changes have happened in my life since we last spoke.I am getting even better at stressing less and doing things for myself. I am much more confident in myself and happy to put myself and my needs first which is doing me the world of good, work comes second! I am forcing myself to do new things and meet new people. I am just focusing on me time at the moment and being happy with myself.” Nicole* Pilbara x

She just said ‘I feel so much better since seeing you. I don’t worry as much. My relationship has improved lots. I just can’t believe how much better I feel already’. (two sessions). xW

(Who suffers around you when you don’t take good care of yourself? Do you turn into an overthinking crazy woman when you are running on empty? In two days learn all the secured women’s business that enables you to live more connected and happier. Yes it can be that simple. I will show you. 💕) xW

“Hi Wendy
Ive been working on creating a positive outlook on all situations no matter how hard they seem as I am finding there is always something good to come out of a bad situation even if it’s just a lesson learned. I have become more relaxed and not so closed off with the people around me especially my children which is fantastic. I am using the meditation technique you showed me almost everyday and is helping so much. You have shown me a way of dealing with issues in such a way that I’m not afraid of them anymore I just get in it”. Gary* Geraldton.

“Thank you so much Wendy! Wow I just keep thinking what a fantastic experience the weekend was, I am so grateful for you and the lovely women! I feel very fulfilled which is a lovely feeling! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing experience!” Kind regards, LS from Perth. Are you coming?

Want me to contact you?

We are all home from Camp – oh noooo did you miss out?
You might not want to read any further then…  ok, go on then…
(you can still put yourself down on the waiting list for next camp).1 2 3

Come join me...

An individual journey of personal change. Life. Love. Connection. Balance. Sacred Womens Work. Personal Life. Parent Training. Live fully.

she only had ‘one problem’ with Camp…


IMG_2760‘This weekend was the most groundbreaking course retreat I have EVER been to. I was completely under the surrender of our sisterhood and finally, I have all the tools I need to be ‘free’. There was only one problem… it wasn’t long enough’. Kate from Geraldton.


‘Camp exceeded my expectations. I had dismissed Goddess stuff as ‘woo-woo’, but it has been so powerful. I now feel unstoppable. I didn’t really know what to expect and was sightly terrified of attending. While parts definitely stretched my comfort zone, doing this provided some real breakthroughs. I came to see the power and beauty in all IMG_2704women – including me. I can’t wait to unleash my fierce, strong, sensual, wild, flowing and radiant Goddess on the world. Woo!!!’ Samille from Kalbarri.


‘I wanted to go to this camp as soon as I seen it, and it totally exceeded my expectations.  The Camp for the Modern Goddess was the best thing I have ever done for myself!  I felt quite lost before, and after a recent traumatic event, and really needed a boost to get back to myself and the weekend really helped me regain my balance in life.  It was amazing spending time really connecting with women and getting back to things we forget about like craft and trying new things like Nia dance, which I really enjoyed.  I went there with a sore back and hardly any appetite and I left with every fibre of my body feeling healthy and amazing and loving myself inside and out. I will reccomend this to all the woman in my life.  Thankyou so much Wendy you truly are an inspiring woman’. Amy from Geraldton.



‘Wendy is fabulous. She is real, relatable and authentic. Her practices are unique and she knows how to touch you without you having to expose yourself. In her care you can feel, and see, the love she puts into every aspect of camp. Love, love, loved it’. Before camp was was feeling ‘time poor, busy and just getting by. Now I know ‘happiness is in the little things’. Brooke from Geraldton.


‘I was so terrified to attend as I was going all alone, and being from Perth didn’t think I would know anyone there. It was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed connecting to women again. I love our shared experience and deeply honour it. Thank you’. Before camp ‘I felt dead inside and was looking for something to awaken my soul. Now I know that it is possible to find joy, happiness and love in the little things in life’. Sonia from Perth.


IMG_2754 ‘My experience was nothing I have experienced before. It was raw, beautiful, honest, sensual and nurturing. Women coming together – sharing stories, drinking wine and eating
chocolate, getting real in the safety of femininity, confidentiality and trust. I would recommend this to ANY woman wanting connection, guidance, love and support in a nurturing environment. Knowing today that ‘I am enough’ is all I need to have a fabulous life’. Jasmine from Geraldton.


Before camp I was feeling ‘overwhelmed and confused about what to do next’. Now what is possible? ‘anything, positive change, sensuality, stronger connections and joy’. Shaun from Geraldton.

Thank you… recent personal coaching journeys.

905886_1294270220599009_3515372210494184453_oToday I taught her how to hold space to experience all of her feelings, without the need to label them ‘good’ or ‘bad’. She has been feeling anxious.. she calls it ‘nervous’ however its totally consuming her happy. Through a guided internal process I returned her to feeling her true ‘power and strength’. When in this place, she knows all is well. She has a little homework now.. feeling peaceful and content.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.20.02 PM


‘Wendy is a gutsy counsellor. She is not afraid to dig deep into the WHY behind person’s stuckness / pain / depression. Offers swift ways to change old patterns. Super encouraging, totally focussed on YOU’.



‘Wow I am amazed that having the coaching session with you is so much more effective than other methods I have tried because you go straight down to the nitty gritty and the core and so much more comes out in this session. Your coaching work goes under the surface of my sadness. You have given me the tools I needed to create change right now’.

‘I have reconnected to my husband. As good as it used to be three years ago. I have let go of controlling every moment. I can’t believe that loving me more would have such an impact on my whole life. I am allowing my feelings just to be, and thats a huge thing for me. I have even noticed how I used to hold so much tension in my jaw, I feel it really easing now. I feel like I have surrendered to all of me, instead of being so logical and overthinking everything. I can’t believe how far I have come in the past few months of coaching. I know I am different, grown, and I won’t go back to the old me’. (had four sessions).





Camp for the Modern Goddess Testimonials

12065863_1303298733029491_8206579965669164411_n“Camp was an amazing and very special experience, which taught me so much. Wendy’s knowledge, dedication and care is hard to put into words. The weekend was wonderful in every way. I loved the Circle, personal care rituals, walk and talk, the Mandela and clay work. The meditations were incredible, the dance was lovely and the cyclic woman knowledge was so valuable. Thank you”. Claire from Perth.

“I absolutely love Wendys camps. Her professional and individual style plus the way she can support and help any woman at any stage of life. The atmosphere was so lovely, welcoming and full of deep trust. Thank you so much for this amazing experience” Antje from Geraldton. 

“Thanks Wendy. I was feeling very vulnerable the day of camp, but by the end I didn’t want to leave. I met some remarkable and beautiful
women from all walks of life. No pretension and no judgement. x” N from Geraldton.

I was feeling ‘terrible and sad’ before coming to camp. And now I feel ‘hopeful, positive and reconnected’. The beautiful people were amazing”. H from Mandurah. 


Before coming to camp I was feeling ‘pressured and overwhelmed’. Now I see my future clearly. I see that meditation and the breath is the gateway to our truth”. K from Geraldton.

Before camp I was feeling ‘apprehensive, frazzled and a little frightened’. Now I feel like everything is possible. I have a newfound self awareness and perspectives. The beautiful all totally amazing women that were here, we all connected in someway. It totally exceeded my expectations. It flowed really well and was not forced. I was concerned about feeling shy and awkward and it was so caring, loving and that I felt totally safe. I give camp 11 out of 10! Wendy you created a safe environment for me to open up and step out of my apprehensions. And a chance to connect to other women, and myself. It has been an amazing journey of 12189584_10153373429849495_6225172281130549860_ndiscovery. Thank you. I need time now to absorb the huge amount of realisations”. Sam from Geraldton. 

“What a fun and engaging retreat. Wendy has the gift of opening you up to self discovery, helping you on your personal journey forward, to reconnect with your true self and what you need”. Dani from Geraldton.

Before camp ‘I was feeling like I was growing but not being authentic or in line with what my path and desires are. Feeling repressed. Now I feel my vitality, flowing, sensually fierce and fluid. What a wonderful thought out and caring camp. Wendy is amazing at what she does and has a wealth of knowledge to go with her fantastic energy. You will leave inspired, connected and full of love, vitality and energy. Take the time for yourself and take the risk. EVERY woman should have this experience”. Teagan from Geraldton. 


“Camp flowed very well. I was feeling disconnected and constricted. Now I feel inspired to make changes and move on where necessary in difference aspects of my life. I learned to connect to my inner self and being more able to open and connect to others”. Z from Geraldton.

So amazing…

Hi Wendy

Thank you so much for my session, I have never experienced anything like that in my life and it felt so amazing, a side I didn’t know possible to tap into.
So looking forward to seeing you again in the next couple weeks.

Hope all is well with you J

Thanks again Sally*

I am much calmer now…

Young woman with Tea Gazing Out Window

“I am better at managing myself and my emotions. I don’t get stressed and anxious like I used to. I am not so worried about other people judging me now. I feel much calmer. Its quite amazing how my life has changed” *Claire. Personal Life Coaching. Claire has enjoyed five sessions over six months. She went from super anxious to present and calm. 

Lovely things happening here…


“I feel like I am connecting with my husband better. I feel more settled, not so up and down. I am not taking things on like I was. My stomach is no longer churning and I am not withdrawn. I feel happier and more motivated. I feel like I can just be me and heart is more open”. Personal Coaching.

“In one session, I was able to break a decades long thought pattern that was creating a cycle of dissatisfaction with my life”. Personal Coaching

One of today’s clients (who has been a few times and her life has positively changed sooo much already) said her husband said ‘I am so glad you decided to go see that lady’. “Oh whys that?” She enquires. ‘Because you have just been so much happier’. Our men just want us to be happy. It’s true. xW

“My three beautiful girls who have worked through the passing of their father that can now identify their feelings, their reasons for them and work out the best possible solutions to deal with what they are struggling with.” Grief Support Family.

“A different way of thinking about how to deal with an “issue”, by not letting it become a “thing”.  Personal Coaching.

“I came away with a new connection to self . With limitless possibilities for happiness. I was guided by Wendy to connect with my intuitive, wise self. As a result, I can have: relief from negative thought cycles.  And freedom from self pity, which I developed from my childhood of abuse and neglect.  I learned I have a deeply wise intuitive spirit within me, and she is worth listening to! That’s a wonderful gift! “. Personal Coaching.

This is WHY I do what I do…

I do what I do because I believe that we all have the right to a happy life. That is the choice that we all have.  I too have suffered (we all have) and I know that is a crap place to be stuck in. We all can choose something else instead ~ to reach our full potential! Thank you Jackie* from Geraldton for sharing your very personal testimonial…

1) In one sentence please describe what you got from working with MyCoachWendy so far. “First time in 44 years I have learnt a survival technique, to put the past in the past, felt that I (finally) achieved something from a therapy session, the world not on my shoulders, I have not fallen apart after a few months after seeing Wendy, I felt safe, I did not feel like I has being judged or that what I was talking about was made up and most of all I felt that Wendy understood me as me and not something else”.
2) What three words would you use to describe the work MyCoachWendy does. These words must sum up what you got or say what Wendy works to achieve for you.  
“Sorry no words can explain what I feel describes Wendy’s work.  Miracle, lifesaver and satisfying”.

More happy stories…


“An absolutely amazing woman who has helped me over the years shift mountains, using her tools on a daily basis while looking after children. I highly recommended Wendy for all areas of life”. ~Susan* from Geraldton.

“What I got from working with My Coach Wendy so far is a release from old hurt and anger and more room in my life for love and positivity. There was an inner change and an outward change in me so profound that everyone around me noticed “something different”. ~Jaye* from Perth. Personal Coaching.

(time spent learning with MyCoachWendy was like a) “cuppa with a friend who just happens to have great advice that works. Friendly, insightful and practical”. ~Lisa* from Geraldton. Parent Coaching.

Are YOU really H A P P Y from the inside out? 

Personal Coaching
Reach your full potential
Profound personal change
Balance ~ Confidence ~ Purpose

Parent Training
Happy families and confident parents
Learn, grow and have more fun.
Positive ~ Helpful ~ Practical

She said…

“I feel happy and relieved to finally release living in the old story of self pity (holding me back). I can now live my life purpose. I feel free to make new wise decisions. I really trust your guidance. Thank you Wendy” Margaret* from Perth. Skype Transformative Life Coaching from the comfort of your own home. Changing Lives.

On the right track now…

Well how am I going… on a whole pretty darn good, I managed to not let those down days flow into too many – stopped them in the bud and decided what will be will be and whats the worst that can happen!!! I am actually feeling more in control and don’t feel too overwhelmed with you know the whole work / kid /sports /paperwork /housework /me time/ hubby time blah blah blah, I have even done some house work so must be feeling good and meal planning and exercising as these are the things that go by the way side when I feel overwhelmed by everything and then usually nothing gets done, I even managed to read a book over the holidays, something I love to do but never had/found the time to do.  The vision board is still a work in progress while I find pictures etc out of magazines and stick on, I will send a picture to you.  I have been jotting down a few things that I would like to work on so I can truly be me and feel so happy and content because you know what ~ I deserve it!!!  I am really looking forward to this year and are really motivated to get things done. Thanks Wendy, will be in touch soon to will book another session. ~AnneMaree*

A new story…


One of the most powerful techniques I use in my practice is systemic generational healing. It is a guided creative visualisation where I release you from your negative family stories – the baggage holding you back. After all, it can be so tired, used and heavy right! This morning my Perth phone client had the following to say right after her session I feel like I have finally gotten rid of that old rotten story. There is something very lovely about that, giving myself permission to be happy. I feel released from the need to be loyal to that negative story. I have given myself the gift of freedom. I feel like I have taken in that knowledge and wisdom at the core of my being”. Rachel* replaced feelings of sadness, anger, being trapped, unworthy and fearful to new feelings of being open to the possibilities of life, loved, gentle, feeling held, light hearted and playful. She was reminded of the original fact that she is worthy, she is magical, beautiful, perfect just the way she is, full of goodness, in flow with life, secure and relaxed.
She is on a journey to start her own business, doing it with joy and a solid belief in herself.
I will give you the tools to live the story of your choice.
It is your life. Live it the way you want.
Cant get much better than that!
Is it time for you to be telling a new story? Your own?

Clear and Calm…

Your coaching sessions have really helped me so far, I didn’t know what to expect yesterday before I got there but I left feeling so much better and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and nothing mattered I am now free of judgement and happy.
Practicing releasing my anchor point and coming into my body took a bit of time and practice to start with after the first session, but now I can do that easily easy within 10 seconds and feel clear and calm.
And so far since yesterday I felt as though my head is really clear and I know more who I am and that I can be happy without the effect of others around me. So thanks 🙂 you are awesome too!!
~ Lilly* Geraldton aged 23. Before coaching Lilly* described her life as anxious, depressed, stressed, pressured and tense. 

Happiness Coach

At MyCoachWendy we deliver an authentic direct approach to personal Change Work, problem solving and life skills.
Simply, we work with you to heal your pains, solve your problems and get you happy.
When you choose to improve your life, we expertly facilitate the process.
‘When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear’. ~Buddha.

We focus on the deeply personal areas of your life to create balance, inner peace, loving relationships, real connection, happy families and confident parents. With our professional guidance using cognitive therapies, emotional release, energy work and transformative NLP3 skills you will be able to enjoy your life right now, so much more. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. ~ Aristotle.  
The more sessions you have, the faster the positive change will be. Keep at it. Read over your notes again, what do you see you can be working on right now’?
I cant believe just how much you have helped me, what a difference. What we worked on has changed my life already. Kate* Geraldton.
Want to know more about me? ~ http://mycoachwendy.geraldtopia.com/about/


Life Coaching

Thankyou Wendy, sometimes all we need is another person to remind us how things can be done to improve our lives, even though we already know we should be doing these its nice to have that little ‘push’ and get back on track.
(The Skype) session provided me with some extra clarity and renew enthusiasm to move ahead in the right direction. I admit it didn’t work straight away….. although 4-5 weeks later I catch myself practicing the methods that Wendy taught me. Rachel* RelationshipCounselling.

Specialist Parent Training


I am really happy with the positive growth we’re making together as a family. There is a lot less tension (within me) which is leading to more enjoyable time with my son. Overall the thinking chair and giving him a choice of two things (for breakfast, activities etc) has made things more simplistic. We still have our meltdowns on the thinking chair but with perseverance we’ve made a lot of progress and I know soon enough he will get there. His teacher noted a difference in his behaviour only two weeks after taking a more assertive and confident approach. I have found he is even more affectionate and tends to not be negatively seeking my attention! I’m stoked at the improvement! Thank you Wendy for introducing simple concepts to my parenting approach which has helped us to work together as a family to reduce undesirable behaviour in us all. These basic changes have made daily tasks less stressful and overall created a more positive family dynamic. I feel more confident as a parent“. Tahlia* Geraldton. The difference two hours training can make is life changing.  JoinUs.   Face to face or Skype.

Love from Sally* aged 12

“Dear Wendy, Thankyou so much for helping me through this tough time. I have learnt so much and I’m so grateful that you helped me. One thing that I liked the most was I was able to express my feelings and problems with you, and you would always understand. The information I found interesting was the mirror because whatever you do they will reflect back. I have a choice on how I react, I can let it get to me and feel really sad or I don’t let it get to me and move on. I also found interesting speaking from the heart and always being truthful with myself. People will get to know me better and see the real side of me that they may not have known. And always being myself. I know I will always be me at school because before I wasn’t being myself all the time. I will always speak from the heart and I’ll always keep the mirror saying in my head. I found none of it boring because it helped me a lot and it’s all a big learning experience. Thankyou so much for helping me I wouldn’t of been able to do it without you”. What a lovely open and honest testimonial. Thank you beautiful girl. xW

Tween Coaching via Skype

“Thank you so much for helping us through a difficult time.  Although we have been friends for years I was not at all worried about delving deeper into my personal issues or perhaps those parenting issues we may not have been doing so well.  My daughter came away from her sessions feeling like she had her confidence back and ready to put her new skills and focus to good use.  After finishing my sessions I feel really inspired and ready to start fresh with a renewed positivity, vibrancy and focus.  I was fortunate enough to already know how amazing Wendy is, but her influence on our family during these recent weeks has been invaluable.  We used Skype for our appointments and it was just like having Wendy sitting in our lounge room in person.  It is so wonderful to think Wendy can now reach out to many outside of Geraldton and share with others her wonderful outlook on life, love, parenting and balance.  Thanks so much. Lots of love” Hannah* from Bunbury xxx

Parenting Coaching

“I have used Wendy her for business and parenting Coaching on three other occasions. We contacted Wendy to help us with our daughter at school, home and with her friends.  As I have such a strong willed girl, and at times so resilient we were struggling to find a way to discipline her appropriately without being the “crazy parent” .Wendy helped us retrain ourselves to focus on what traits we needed to bring out of our 5 year old, and the negative faded away. it was a refreshing way to parent, effective and with all of the layers we applied in stages, we had a very independent child that felt important, had structure, and was able to communicate to us…! 5 stars Wendy, thank you!” A and K.

Parent Coaching and Business Coaching. Balancing raising children and operating a hugely successful family business.

Life Coaching

“After struggling with life for many years and for a number of reasons, I was at an extremely low point when I came across Wendy’s card by accident. Her immediate and caring response was exactly what I needed. Over a number of sessions I was able to learn to deal with past experiences, let go, and start afresh. To this day I maintain that calling this amazing woman not only saved my life, but helped me create for myself the life I wanted. Thank you Wendy for your help and support. I could not recommend her highly enough”. Bec.

Parent and Tween Coaching

“My ex husband and myself were dealing with some distressing issues with our teenage son. One evening I was at desperate measures and emailed Wendy . Her prompt reply and reassurance was just what I needed as I was emotionally wrecked by this stage. Mum and dad booked an appointment to see Wendy the following week where Wendy reassured us we were doing a good job as seperated parents , We then booked over 12.5 year old for his first session. Wendy…I would like to say a huge THANKYOU for giving our son the tools to cope and giving us, as parents the guidance and confidence to walk with our Young man through the ups and downs of adulthood!!..Wendy Watters ..We are forever grateful”.
Jasmine x

Parent and Tween Coaching

“With Wendy’s help my 11 year old son went from being an angry little boy who couldn’t control his anger to a 13 year old who still has his moments but who now knows that he can stop those moments from getting out of hand. My house is so much calmer because of the things we implemented from working with Wendy”. Andie, Geraldton.

Parent and Tween Coach Mentor

Tween Testimonials: Sally* and Nicola*. 10 and 12 yrs.
“It helped me with my problem s and what to do when things happened. We spent time drawing and talking. I learnt from MyCoachWendy to be positive”.
“Helped me with organising and with school problems. You have a (life skills) book and I can do anything in it. I use the skills for school (friendships). More happy families. JoinUs.

Tween Coaching

“I first contacted My Coach Wendy after being referred by a friend who’d had a great outcome with her children. My children were experiencing difficulties with a marriage separation and bullying issues at the school. Wendy offered a wholistic approach when dealing with the issues at hand; the children were treated as individuals, she came to the home and was extremely flexible. She also provided my husband and I with useful activities to complete as a family between visits. I strongly recommend Wendy, my children appreciated her quiet, respectful approach. The way in which she approaches the whole family to solve issues was wonderful! Thank you Wendy, you’ve had a large part in moulding and shaping the way in which the girls deal with issues that occur nowdays. The program that Wendy ran… had an amazing impact. The girls have now moved on and are in (high)school; the skills developed have ensured that they are able to make good choices and seek assistance when required. The school that the girls are attending now are extremely impressed with the mature approach they take towards issues – this is thanks to Wendy”. Claire and Luke* with daughters aged 10 and 12.

Life Coaching

“Your advice and perspective on relationships and kids has been truly valuable to me” David*. Father of two.
Parent and Life Coaching combined. Simply Life Changing.

Parent Coaching

Why did you come to MyCoachWendy, what was the major issue?
“Children not listening or doing as they were told and major attitude problems”. What was the best part of your coaching?
“Learning new skills and ways of dealing with these issues & implementing them into our household. Wendy was a delight to work with ” Rach and Mike* newly married. Inhome Private Parent Coaching. One session can make the world of difference, take the stress away today.

Life Coaching

“Wendy, thank you so much. Your authenticity and passion for what you do, is an absolute credit to you.
The tools and resources you shared, enabled me to reconnect not only with myself but also with my dreams and goals. I feel empowered and congruent and ready to move forward…. having such clear insight and understanding I now can get back to doing what it is I really want to do – and that feels amazing!”  Renee Geraldton WA

Supporting our kids to manage their friendships…

Thanks Marg* for your lovely testimonial today
‘That day (after coaching on managing difficult schoolyard friendships) I worked through the strategies you shared with us and within five days Molly* was completely empowered and the girls* wanted to be friends with Molly*. She had created this option when using the strategies you shared with us. That afternoon this particular child asked her mother to bring her over so they could sort it out and they did and it has been great ever since. My husband was very reluctant to receive any outside help with this situation however he is so happy that we did. Our child was so empowered and now we use so much of the language and strategies for lots of discussion. Money well spent!!”
Thank you kindly and gratefully Marg*

Teen Coaching

“Thank you for helping me a lot”.  You helped me at school and in my mind.  Absolutely you are an important person in my life!  You have changed me into a positive person.  I am so excited about my future.  The people who are around me and support me are great people.  I am so lucky”.  *Joanne 17.

Parenting Support

Wendy is awesome! there is nothing this lady cannot help you with in regards to your children.
Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world, finding a balance between friend and parent can be difficult. However it was very important to myself and my husband, to find new ways to nurture and teach our children the right morals and values in order to become wonderful, caring and respected people. Wendy has helped us find different ways to assist us in dealing with our children’s needs and challenging behaviours… thank you Wendy for all your knowledge and assistance.” *Vicky Geraldton WA

~Teen Coaching

Thank you Heather* & family for your lovely update received this morning.  Great to hear you are all on track and moving forward.  (This wonderful family is having Parenting and Teen Coaching sessions to facilitate growth from some challenges faced in everyday life and parenting).  xW

“Hi Wendy,

Thank you so much for your help. Your wisdom was much needed at such a trying time in our lives.

We had a family meeting last night that went so well, everyone had a chance to talk and be heard.  I was so proud of my family for talking from their heart.  We set some boundaries, talked about communication and things we are grateful for.  Your guidance helped to transform our family and put us back on track.

Wendy you are truly an amazing woman.

Kind regards


~Phone Coaching

Hi Wendy,
Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for the phone coaching session. You have provided me with some great tools and resources which I implemented into our daily routine pretty much as soon as I got off the phone from you. Your warmth and caring was evident during our call and I felt supported and encouraged by you. I now feel empowered as a parent once again. I highly recommend you to any parent/carer who feels stuck for parenting solutions, or who wants to build upon, add to and improve their parenting skills. And you are only a phone call away – awesome! Thank you so much. Mandi, Perth.

~Mrs K

Miss 6 had hated school for nearly a year. We’d gotten to the stage of her having tears, tantrums and tummy aches every night and every morning. It was frustrating, but also heartbreaking to see in someone so young, and who otherwise was a happy, social kid.
Wendy came and had a session with me to give me some tips on ideas of things we hadn’t already tried. They helped a little but not as much as I wanted, so I got Wendy to come talk with Miss 6 directly.
Within a few days the above ‘T’s became less frequent. Now a month or 2 later, we can’t remember the last time we heard them! We also have less problems getting ready in time to get out the door on school days.
Thankyou Wendy. Very grateful! K

~Diane, single working mother of two.

Going to school in the mornings seem like a breeze now compared to before, there is no mucking around, the kids are more onto what they have to do.  The night times have been a lot better since you came over and also the shopping.  We all have dinner together now and have that time to chat about our day.  The boys have really taken to that idea.
I am feeling a lot better since our last session and think the kids have really improved a lot.
They really love that time we have together, separately from the other sibling.  They both go to sleep straight away when I put them to bed now.

~Less stress, more fun!

Jackson celebrated his 6th Birthday and has been a little god send the last few weeks (since the parent coaching session). I think what you relayed to us has definitely helped us in just our everyday dealing with simple/small issues that we have had with Jackson.
We have been concentrating very much on ‘listening’ through the virtues and he scored a goal at soccer the other weekend! So we were all very happy to see him participating like his usual self again. Definitely a worthy investment, that time you took to share your knowledge with us! 🙂
We have a morning routine happening and our evenings are getting easier! & Jackson is a much happier little boy! 🙂
Thank you once again and we will be in contact soon,
I’m sure. Thank you thank you thank you 🙂 🙂
Kelly Geraldton WA.

~Donna, mother of two young children

Wendy is awesome! She has given me many tips that have helped ALOT with my parenting! And she is also amazing with kids too – they all LOVE her and she connects with them so well. I highly recommend giving Wendy a try if you are having issues – as we do! You rock Wendy Watters xx

~Rachel, widow and mother of three

I thank you…. For this gift and you for sharing it with me, and my three daughters. It is difficult to express how grateful I am to have you in our lives. Just your knowing smile gives me strength…. Again, I thank you…. Xxxxxxx

~Vx, Geraldton family with two girls aged 3 and 5

Hi Wendy,
(since your parenting coaching last week it) has been working really well. Have been talking about using gentle hands with puppies and kindness and respect and truth telling, have not used the word lying since and it is working. Even used virtues to get B into joining in at Kindy a bit more, doing as teacher asks (has been observing at Kindy instead of joining in) so when she went this week we had some positive improvements. Have not been saying “Don’t” or “No” so much and I it is working – it gives your brain a workout trying to think of different ways to say things!!! My husband has also been thinking a bit more before he says something as well. You made me feel so much better about this parenting game!!! and let me know that I am not the only one who has to try hard at this and have made me enjoy them more this week than I ever had because I now know it’s normal. Will be forever grateful. Thank you heaps and heaps Wendy you don’t know how much it meant to me to have your help!

Use of Virtues and reversing dishonesty

~Mother of two children. Kindy and Pre-primary aged

The info and handouts were great – thank you. I have been meaning to tell you about what happened. The Wednesday afternoon after I saw you I had a break-through with Daniel. We had both been sipping our Homeopathics and I’d been trying the ‘stop’ and holding him. So, after his midday sleep he woke up super grumpy and things just got worse and within 5 minutes he was screaming and thrashing about all over the floor, banging his head on the walls and floor. Cathy started crying because it was so alarming for her. He was biting chair legs and anything he could find. I felt calm, I felt for him, but I felt okay. It took 45 minutes before he was ready for a hug. All through his release I kept telling him how much we all loved him and that when he was ready I wanted to give him a hug. Cathy and I sat on the floor waiting for him to finish. When he was done and I was cradling him I told him that he had a lot to say and that he had a lot of loud noise to get out and I’m glad he was feeling better now and he agreed and nodded, and now, he has been the most angelic little boy. It is soooo wonderful to have my little boy back – and now I feel I can get through to him. Such a powerful experience. I really feel those Homeopathics helped us both, plus my beautiful Reiki session. So thanks so much xxxx.

This testimonial is about implementing ‘the good behaviour’ model Taking responsibility for your own behaviour. It calls on the child to stand, think and deal, building life skills and creating a happy home.

~Lisa of Geraldton, Grief Support

Thanks Wendy 🙂 Strangely not many people understand what I am going through, because grief is such a unique process for everyone. Thank you ever so much Wendy. Reading your document made me cry (a lot!) as I have been going through a particularly difficult time the last few days. I really appreciate your support and understanding. Thanks ever so much for sending me your information brochure on loss and grief. It was very helpful 🙂 I am trying to allow the grieving process to occur as it comes. Take care Wendy and thanks again for catching up for a cuppa the other day. I really appreciated it.

~Samantha Rose, Nanny in Perth and Geraldton

Are you finding it difficult to come up with solutions to your children’s behaviour, and you can’t seem to find a system that works well for your family. If this sounds like you and you’d like to have a positive relationship with your children then I am highly recommending to you to My Coach Wendy who has amazing skills and attributes when it comes to communicating and understanding children. With myself being a professional Nanny I have learnt some wonderful ways of being able to communicate with children on those difficult days which has not only given the children an understanding of their choices they make through life, I have found now that we have bonded closer than before.

~Kathy, Parent Coaching

I started back at work last week and life all of a sudden life is even busier and already feel like taxi Mum with work, kindy, dancing and gymnastics – but actually loving it! Just wanted to update you on how we are going with Virtues – fantastic!!!! My husband in the last week has fully grasped the concept and going great. I have had the Virtues and info you gave us bluetacked to kitchen wall for last few weeks to remind us what to do and it is working. Have been dealing with undesirable behaviour using virtues and it doesn’t seem to be such a big deal as it used to be when before I had parenting session, just seems easier. Have hardly said don’t or no at all for a few weeks and we all haven’t lost our temper as much as we did, overall a happier household. Using ‘Stand and Think’ with time out and Jess* improving with saying what she should have done and so is Tabitha* although I am working on Tabitha* not squealing (keeps squealing when she is excited)and she hasn’t stopped doing this yet but we are getting there. Thanks again Wendy, just loving this whole concept. Saw your website today looks fantastic, have been enjoying the facebook updates too.

Great results from one parenting session!