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I teach you how to come home to your body temple so you can access your inner wisdom and live with emotional freedom. I teach you how to create deeper life meaning and authentic intimate connection to yourself and others. 

I hold a sacred container and initiatory life force to birth your emotional power and sensory potential. 

I break looping patterns of the mind to awaken your beautiful heart.

I reprogram your system, clear emotional blocks and return your nervous system to a state of grounded simplicity and radiance. I teach you how to access your true self, and give you the simple daily tools to carry on taking good care of yourself when you go home.

I have the ability to ride the waves of change and chaos to journey you towards transformation and self-mastery. As an initiated teacher I feel through the layers of your stories and fears to awaken your divine spark. As an emotional weaver I sense the alchemy you need. 

The time of turning inward to embody yourself and awaken your wisdom has arrived.
Everything you have been longing for is right there waiting for you. 

I am of ancient essence.
I move with devotional Dark Mother & Serpent Weaver codes in service to the Divine & Humanity.
Leading the way for others through my transmission, the emotional body, self-acceptance and raw love.

Personal Life Coaching & Embodiment

Emotional Healing, Awakening & Divine Co-Creation

Relationship Reconnection, Intimacy & Pleasure

Parenting Support & Family Systemics

Transformation & Sacred Living

Grief & Loss

Feeling stuck?   Overwhelmed?   Lonely?   Numb?
Not sure how to create the positive change you want? Lets begin…  x

Who is Wendy? ‘Her transmission alone will change you!’