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Return home to the intuitive ceremony of
Sacred Womens Business. 


The dilemma of the modern woman is that we are really just sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed, lonely and isolated, aimlessly wandering or frantically rushing from one thing to the next. Where has the joy gone! We seem to be forever wishing and ‘waiting’ for things to come good..

Most of us have forgotten what we really need to be wise, fun, well, and happy. We long to break free and take time to chill. We want to breath deeper, see clearer, feel more and create positive change. And even that idea makes us feel bamboozled, and so we solider on fighting that deep niggle ‘oh there must be more to life’.

12191536_1303380243021340_2933225700142445176_nThis Sacred Womens Work is a revival of the feminine and your introduction to the wisdom of Women Who Sit in Circle. Find her, nourish her, embody her, and take her home with you. It is time to take charge or your life and connect with the full version of authentic wise you. You will go home with all the answers to your questions. 


“Camp was an amazing and very special experience, which taught me so much. Wendy’s knowledge, dedication and care, is hard to put into words. The weekend was wonderful in every way. I loved the Circle, self care rituals, walk and talk, the Mandela and clay work. The meditations were incredible, the dance was lovely and the cyclic woman knowledge was so valuable. Thank you”. Claire from Perth.

Certified Facilitator, Practitioner and Personal Coach Wendy will professionally guide you at Womens Circle, Embodiment Experiences and Womens Retreat to discover you have everything you need right inside of you.

12196155_10153373430234495_4392588397660742529_nWomen are feeling called to end this period of separateness
by coming back together to create a connected community.
We are ready to rediscover our empowered state of belonging.
Time to dive deep and take a look at what you have been missing out on.

Retreat subjects : everyday mindfulness for women, feminine empowerment (and why you want more of it in your life), movement through dance, mediations and breath (take charge of your mental state), connection to your true self and your essence of being a woman, self-care rituals, handling difficult emotions and negative stories, the joy of art and craft, harness the power of your menstrual cycle (ancient lunar revival), bring the spark back into your sex life and relationship, declutter your life and bring back the joy.  Plus doing nothing time for personal reflection.  All work is gentle and a fun introduction to things that bring back simplicity into the lives of ‘busy’ women.  Most of all, YOU will learn how to be your own best wise sage. 

12208253_1307434949282536_2073070279181100934_n“I absolutely love Wendys camps. Her professional and individual style plus the way she can support and help any woman at any stage of life. The atmosphere was so lovely, welcoming and full of deep trust. Thank you so much for this amazing experience” Antje from Geraldton. 

You get: Retreats and Workshops are inclusive of course tuition in a handpicked selection of expansive feminine, personal life development and womens topics. Experiences may also include a workbook, goodies bag, handouts, worksheets and yummy meals.  Check current offerings on the My Coach Wendy FB page today.


Every wild woman needs to answer the call to escape the world when she feels called. Travellers welcome. Pack your goodies and drive to sun city Geraldton with a friend. Experience a weekend to reset, nourish and awaken your soul.

Goddess Will Travel: Yes I can come to you. Down south or the Perth area. Sacred Circle needs around eight to ten women to form. If you have a good number interested, let me know and we can chat about me coming to YOU.

Limited: As a sacred personal journey, numbers are intentionally limited to ensure an intimate trusted space and that individual care for each woman is delivered.
1-IMG_2044Before camp I was feeling ‘apprehensive, frazzled and a little frightened’. Now I feel like everything is possible. I have a newfound self awareness and perspectives. The beautiful all totally amazing women that were here, we all connected in someway. It totally exceeded my expectations. It flowed really well and was not forced. I was concerned about feeling shy and awkward and it was so caring, loving and that I felt totally safe. I give camp 11 out of 10! Wendy you created a safe environment for me to open ip and step out of my apprehensions. And a chance to connect to other women, and myself. It has been an amazing journey of discovery. Thank you. I need time now to absorb the huge amount of realisations!”. Sam from Geraldton. 


“What a fun and engaging retreat. Wendy has the gift of opening you up to self discovery, helping you on your personal journey forward, to reconnect with your true self and what you need”. Dani from Geraldton.


Are our retreats for you? Sick of ‘getting by’ or ‘surviving the days and not really living’? Our work is perfect for the women who is ready for a weekend to create powerful change. Are you ready to transform the overall quality of your life as a authentically luscious and connected woman? It is perfectly okay to feel shit scared and excited as heck at the same time! Every woman feel this way!

If reading this page gets you excited, you are ready.
You are ready to reconnect and belong.
The journey of YOU. 

16990549_730570920444162_2010521810_oYour host: I am My Coach Wendy. A woman on a journey. Just like you. I have been working with people for over 15 years as a group facilitator, personal life coach, trainer, mentor and people person. My passion is understanding what makes us tick. My personal journey has been to find the meaning of life, build deep connection, create authentic happy joy and be an ambassador for all things balance. I bring all of this and will guide you to feel connected and alive. I believe simply that happy is for everyone. The secret is, reconnecting to and embodying our true feminine essence.      She is waiting for you to return home to you.

“Thanks Wendy. I was feeling very vulnerable the day of camp, but by the end I didn’t want to leave. I met some remarkable and beautiful women from all walks of life. No pretences and no judgment. xx” N from Geraldton.

Would you like Wendy to phone you? Pop in your details and Wendy will call soon to answer your personal questions and chat in more detail about camp.  WAITING lists are now OPEN… fill in this now Goddess.

Want me to contact you?

You are safe here: Yes you may feel stretched, pushed and pulled from your comfort zone. And know this, you will not be recklessly exposed. You WILL be lovingly cared for as we hold sacred space for one another. This is the conscious intent of Sacred Womens Business. The flowing feminine is both strong and soft, kind and fierce. Awaken to her. This is why you come. And remember, everyone feels like you – scared and excited at the same time! You will be thoughtfully and professionally guided through a range of science and spiritual based practices to open the unique and magical gateway of you.16930885_730573670443887_454338032_o

Some examples of our explorations…

Art – Reflecting on yourself as a woman. Reclaim your femininity.

Body – Being okay with you. Awaken your Goddess. Call in her through dance.

Mind – Learn everyday mindfulness practices to calm your run away monkey mind.

Soul – The simple ways to clean up your life. Make more room for the Goddess.

Spark – Reignite your sexuality deep within. Because you are ready and want it.

Talk – Letting people see the real you. How this profoundly changes your life.

Moon – Harness the power of the lunar cycle. Become your own wise sage.

Potions – Uncover what you really need. Receive your own medicine and self care rituals.

Action – Write your powerful plan. Simple actions to create profound change.

Packing : You will receive a comprehensive program to help you prepare and pack once you have brought your ticket to camp.

Support: Once you get back home, as a Modern Goddess, you will be invited periodically to special gatherings and explorations to continue to deepen your understanding and further embody your divine feminine essence. Ever wanted to feel personally free enough to dance naked under the moon… Now is your chance to find out.  

IMG_2076Before camp ‘I was feeling like I was growing but not being authentic or in line with what my path and desires are. Feeling repressed. Now I feel my vitality, flowing,sensually fierce and fluid. What a wonderful thought out and caring camp. Wendy is amazing at what she does and has a wealth of knowledge to go with her fantastic energy. You will leave inspired, connected and full of love, vitality and energy. Take the time for yourself and take the risk. EVERY woman should have this experience”. Teagan from Geraldton. 

“Camp flowed very well. I was feeling disconnected and constricted. Now I feel inspired to make changes and move on where necessary in difference aspects of my life. I learned to connect to my inner self and being more able to open and connect to others”. Z from Geraldton.

I was feeling ‘terrible and sad’ before coming to camp. And now I feel ‘hopeful, positive and reconnected’.
The beautiful people were amazing”. H from Mandurah. 

Before coming to camp I was feeling ‘pressured and overwhelmed’. Now I see my future clearly.
I see that meditation and the breath is the gateway to our truth”. K from Geraldton.

‘This weekend was the most groundbreaking course retreat I have EVER been to. I was completely under the surrender of our sisterhood and finally, I have all the tools I need to be ‘free’. There was only one problem… it wasn’t long enough’. Kate from Geraldton.

‘Camp exceeded my expectations. I had dismissed Goddess stuff as ‘woo-woo’, but it has been so powerful. I now feel unstoppable. I didn’t really know what to expect and was sightly terrified of attending. While parts definitely stretched my comfort zone, doing this provided some real breakthroughs. I came to see the power and beauty in all IMG_2704women – including me. I can’t wait to unleash my fierce, strong, sensual, wild, flowing and radiant Goddess on the world. Woo!!!’ Samille from Kalbarri.

‘I couldn’t understand my feelings, everything was so foggy. I had stopped loving myself and was unhappy looking in the mirror… but now, I know anything is possible. It was amazing’. Amy from Geraldton.


‘Wendy is fabulous. She is real, relatable and authentic. Her practices are unique and she knows how to touch you without you having to expose yourself. In her care you can feel, and see, the love she puts into every aspect of camp. Love, love, loved it’. Before camp was was feeling ‘time poor, busy and just getting by. Now I know ‘happiness is in the little things’. Brooke from Geraldton.

‘I was so terrified to attend as I was going all alone, and being from Perth didn’t think I would know anyone there. It was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed connecting to women again. I love our shared experience and deeply honour it. Thank you’. Before camp ‘I felt dead inside and was looking for something to awaken my soul. Now I know that it is possible to find joy, happiness and love in the little things in life’. Sonia from Perth.

IMG_2754 ‘My experience was nothing I have experienced before. It was raw, beautiful, honest, sensual and nurturing. Women coming together – sharing stories, drinking wine and eating
chocolate, getting real in the safety of femininity, confidentiality and trust. I would recommend this to ANY woman wanting connection, guidance, love and support in a nurturing environment. Knowing today that ‘I am enough’ is all I need to have a fabulous life’. Jasmine from Geraldton.

Before camp I was feeling ‘overwhelmed and confused about what to do next’. Now what is possible? ‘anything, positive change, sensuality, stronger connections and joy’. Shaun from Geraldton.


My personal story of ‘why’…   just for you…
by Wendy… Goddess Earth Mother.

For as long as I can remember, the world didn’t make sense to me…
It has taken me seriously a long time to figure it out.
I had big questions about being human. I thought it all pretty much sucked.
I found, the more I searched for answers… the more I got lost and confused.
Inside, I had a deep ache that something was missing. There had to be… more…
I suffered an inner wounded longing, although I didn’t understand why.
I used words like restless, separate, lonely and different to describe my world.
I danced around the darkness by keeping busy doing, searching and achieving.
Whenever I stopped to be, the ache caused me much pain.
So I distracted myself through being experimental and wild.
Nothing healed the void, that open unknown wound. It kept screaming for me to act.
Five years ago… I was invited to join a sacred gathering, a Womens Circle.
As a kinaesthetic being, I felt excited to explore it!
(I thank my own circle sisters.. with big, big love)

I noticed my seperateness, my inner loneliness and my reflex to be ‘on guard’.
Old wounds ‘was I safe, can I trust these people, do I want to be here’, surfaced.
More recently, I have reflected on my inner state of being. 
‘Where am I at now in life being fabulous and 40?’…

I noticed I no longer use those old words to describe my life.
Instead, I feel healed, held, loved, supported and connected.
I feel like the world makes sense.
I feel like I belong.
The darkness faded and the void has been filled.
What with?… I pondered… Connectedness.
And now I see, that just with the pure act of showing up and allowing myself to be seen…
I feel healed.

By returning to sacred ceremony, womens work and sacred circle…
the world makes sense and I belong to something larger and… the more I was seeking!

We women in modern times have been raised so spiritually separate from one another,
we live in isolation, we are competitive and guarded.

The modern day woman lives in her head. We know this sucks and continues to make us sick.
Damn sick, tired, ‘surviving’, confused and lost. So lost we don’t know how to dig our way out.

We have dusty corners to our being we have not visited for years, if at all.
Returning to the ceremony of sacred womens work takes us back to the root of who we really are.
Back into our bodies, and in our hearts to reconnect to our true essence of being a wild and free woman.

No more overriding our natural instincts and desires with ‘doing busyiness’. 
No more blocking the beautifully complex archetypes of the sacred feminine.

The act of showing up to be held by the powerful energy of sacred space reopens the doorway inside of us to access our ancient ways,
true knowledge and complete wisdom to be a whole and happy modern day woman.

There, we find all the answers we need. The modern day woman is living in a period where we have so much choice, so much power and a voice that is heard.
So we need to awaken to using all of this power in a more connected, empowered and intuitive way. 

Circle is my teacher. I show up and she creates magic. She continues to show me the way. 
Welcome Goddess… I see you. I now hold this sacred space for Y O U… 

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