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Would you love to love yourself more?

Do you have any internal body love blocks?

For many years now in sacred womens circle I have exploring taboo subjects with women.  

Such as… how we really feel about our bodies, how to keep the spark alive in our relationships, how to feel more, the essentials of masculine and feminine polarity, sexual life force and journeying deep into our bodies to unlock blocks and wounds that prevent us from feeling…  do any of these feel like just what you know you really need?
…. consider this… what happens when you hear the word ‘pussy’?  
… and… what kind of relationship do you have with her… do you even know her… is she awake, alive… and pulsing?


Now you might be asking w h y?…. so find your own why YOU have made it here to read this… 

We do this to open the gateways for healing, growth, intimacy, connection and feminine flow. 

If you do not love yourself – how can you be loved by another?

If you are not connected to you, how do you expect to feel connection with others?

If you do not feel alive in your body, how can you experience being ‘easy going’ in everyday life?

If you are not deeply grounded in the innate wisdom of your womens temple – how alive are you really?

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Other ‘Whys?’
Because you think you are not beautiful.

Because you think you are not good enough.
Because you want to experience something very sacred and beautiful. 

Because you want to be an awesome role model to younger women, or your own daughter. 


“In hindsight there was nothing to be nervous about, everything was a lot less invasive than I expected and the process was quite interesting and fun! I came away with this.. in awe of myself, and love for this sacred part of me which I never really considered before as other than a tool. Wow!”  *participant. 


2-IMG_3812-001Have you noticed that you might be somewhat numb?
Or like feeling and connecting in life is usually difficult?

Do you show up feeling angry or bitchy… or unable to surrender to enjoying touch, sacred union, intimacy and sex with your lover?

Would you like to feel more?  Would you LOVE to LOVE yourself MORE?

Do you know there is so much more to you than you are accessing as a woman?  Like your sensual flow, feminine aspects and to feel pleasure and joy.



Women are felt sense creatures… we can’t simply survive as a woman through ‘thinking’ about it…
We… were… born… to… feel…  are you?

We know… we can only put up with it, or get away with it… for so long..
…and then… life breaks… or we break… 

ARE YOU READY to wake up and feel alive?IMG_4845

You will be taken through a range of gentle, safe and sacred processes that invite you to open to receiving pleasure and feeling connection through using touch, movement and breath.  As well as learning how to journey into and speak with your womb and cervix.  Activating your internal womens temple means that in your everyday life you will open yourself to experiencing more feminine flow and everyday ease.

Are you saying YES to life?  Or do you push fun away?  This is the remedy… 

Learn the power of knowing your internal Y E S… 

These sessions are offered as sacred womens business in women’s circle, either one on one or in small group settings. 

FullSizeRender 12As well as the sacred body worship and love processes… you have the opportunity to have your vulva cast and take it home.  


If you feel like you are ridged, blocked or guarded and want to feel more… this work is more than likely going to call you…  Its okay to feel scared or FullSizeRender 12freaked out… all I can say is… go with your gut... does this feel really important to you… and are you ready?  You will know…  I will take good care of you…

Women who are doing this – are LOVING IT!
(yeah yeah… we might show up scared…
but we are ready to get real about love and life… this is it!)


Please email Wendy direct to ask about this, if you feel its for you.
One on one, or with a group of friends (a sacred vulvart body casting day). 


IMG_4225“Today I opened myself up in ways I never thought possible, today I allowed myself to fully trust the process, to feel vulnerable and exposed and yet as terrifying as initially felt and first thought it actually was something totally different it was truly beautiful, to take a journey to love myself and appreciate the beauty of my  body and how it looks.
After many years of having an aversion to the look and even touch of my body I  never thought I could ever love a part of myself as much as I do now.
Thank you Wendy for allowing me to feel safe within your space and to experience and embrace this magical feeling and moment.  I was gazing at my cast this morning for ages .. then put it up on the shelf in my room was nearly late for work… still blows me away .. something so intricate delicate and beautiful. Can’t believe I’ve never perceived it like that before. I love her”.   *participant. 




If you really want to transcend your deeply personal body love and sensual blocks – I recommend a one on one to journey deep, unlock and heal… I have taken this journey myself… to love myself, love my body, enjoy life more, awaken my feminine flow, access feelings, activate my sexual current and surrender to receiving pleasure… come.. let me share this all with you…   say YES to you… it all for you… 








A portion of proceeds from your session are donated to my Full Moon Womens Circle beneficiary Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia.  

We are also planning to exhibit our own Vulva Casts as The Body Worship Project in Geraldton WA – leading the way to love our bodies as women.  Stay tuned… (I can let you know more about this when we meet). xW










Blog 23rd July 2017:

“So one of my projects at the moment in Womens Circle is The Body Worship Project. This is a sacred womens business topic that takes a open and candid look at the way women view our bodies… Its somewhat of a controversial project that has coped anything from ‘amazing’ to ‘disgusting’. So I have reflected on this and kept an open mind of curiosity as to why some people might find it insulting for women to investigate ‘body love’… So I ask you… When you think of your own body or vagina – what are the top few words that spring to mind? How do you view your own body? What do you think of your vagina? Do you think its disgusting or beautiful? I have been researching the her-story of the vagina for years (in relation to healing women, relationships and intimacy issues)… and for most women its a BIG ‘taboo’ or ‘hidden’ topic. Loving your body (all of it) is directly connected to issues like depression, anxiety and our capacity to have a positive connected relationship with yourself and others. And of course whether you can have a positive intimate relationship to sustain a long term loving relationship. YES – its all connected.
And I find it VERY interesting some women say this project is ‘disgusting’. I seen one woman as went as far to say ‘vaginas are gross’, and another ‘vaginas are disgusting, why would you want to mould one’… and lots of other linguistic puts downs for the female body (yes there are lots in modern day language).

This is EXACTLY why this project exists.  And refuels my motivation to keep doing this work. 

Its an invitation to take a look the language we use around our bodies… self awareness and ultimately love and respect for all bodies. And to set positive role models for our young adults who are now being heavily influenced by fast and furious porn sex model and hairless, ‘neat’ vaginas. As a personal coach, I come across distressing stories of young women feeling like they are disgusting and ugly because of the modern day porn model of a woman body should look like and how she should perform. Or young women being treated like porn stars by young men that is sadly only a reflection on the education most are receiving. Again, I say, this is why I do this work… its a passion of mine… more body awareness and love. Just a reflection… and I do not push to impress my personal view on anyone. You come to this project of your own free will as a woman… and just ponder… ‘how do I feel about my body’… and if its not positive… ‘how would you like to feel about it instead’?  And if you have a daughter, how would you like her to think of her body?  And what kind of love making to you hope she will engage in? (porn style or to be really cherished by her lover).  If you have a son, what kind of man do you wish for him to be?

I have a teen daughter and a teen son, so I am consciously parenting two teenagers into healthy love, respect, sex and body image.

I am taking this journey too.

So do please talk OPENLY and OFTEN to any young people in your life about body love, the language used around their bodies, openly about respect and care. As a mother of two teenagers – and I educate them often about their beautiful bodies, honouring and respecting the bodies of others. There are NO taboo subjects in our house!

If you don’t like this project, you don’t have too… i just ask you don’t just throw around any put downs about the female body in any way… you are only reinforcing a crappy view of your own body image. If you are curious, have questions or want to go on your own healing journey let chat…  We are also planning to exhibit our works in a local gallery once we have around 50 – 100 of them. So I am looking for MORE women to participate. I also donate $20 from every cast to Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. AND… if you want to see the similar work to what The Body Worship Project is influenced by check this out.  It costs $150 to participate in this project in a small group like Womens Circle.  And $320 if you want to do this one-on-one as a sacred and personal healing journey.
I have been trained by renowned artist Mirko from I Show Flag in Germany –
Another world famous artist is:

I respect and understand this project will not appeal to everyone. And thats totally okay.
My motivation for doing this work is because I am a healer and focus on creating happier healthier lives for those who choose to work with me”.   ❤️Wendy.

Recommended Reading: Vagina by Naomi Wolf.

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