sheDance is authentic movement medicine.  A sensory activation through breath, touch, sound and guided free flow dance.  The kind your soul is longing to feel.  This is a deeply personal journey of conscious dreaming and a movement meditation enquiry through the feminine archetypes.

_RETREAT Flyer you can download the retreat flyer here

Magic weavers Wendy and Katie hold a very safe and sacred Womens Circle container for dropping in deep as you move through your inner cyclic rhythms, seasons and elements.

Get ready to feel into the real you – she is already there waiting.  Shed the layers and create fresh new space for connection and pleasure.  sheDance is a pathway for an authentic rebirth and a new way forward.  Journey deep into a fuller, simpler version of you through the light and dark feminine mysteries.

You will receive profound clarity to your challenges with wisdom, guidance and actions found authentically within yourself.  sheDance delivers practical applications to love your life more awake and alive.  Such as radical self care, body love, your relationships, connections and how you show up in your everyday life as a woman feeling good in your skin.  sheDance gives you space to take a good look at your life with fresh eyes so you can return to focus on the things that really matter.  sheDance is a Rite of Passage for women longing for an epic upgrade.  Embodiment is a gateway to access more of you through the Divine Feminine in you.


“amazing…. life changing…”




Are you ready to take a profound Rite of Passage…
…and finally be the woman you have always wanted to be?

Are you sick of living a life that feels like the fun is missing?

Are you struggling with relationships, balance, moods and emotions?

Are you feeling alone, disconnected and sick of seeking your answers on the outside?  

Are you ready to be less frazzled… and instead be more flowing and easy going?

Do you feel like you are going through the motions, blocked with anger, closed and ridged?

…. sheDance is probably calling for you…  you will not be the woman you are now, once you have been to sheDance.  She will change you… 


The 2018 retreat date has been released

24th – 27th May at Premalaya in Yallingup WA

An epic 4 day live in experience

You can experience a sheDance ‘taster’ in your community.

Ask Wendy about making this happen for you.

_RETREAT Flyer – download the full retreat flyer here.

“Wow, what a journey.  I actually got so much more than I was expecting… magical. The weekend was so jam packed and we are all leaving here with something of value, having explore ourselves and our deep inner truths.  I am overflowing with joy and love for every lady here. This work is so important for every woman to do in their lives.  You are missing out on a happy complete self if you don’t do it”.  Jasper.




… are you ready?




“What an amazing journey.  I felt challenged.  I felt pushed.  I felt safe.  I felt love… I just felt so much…  If you want to feel your edge, get pushed past it and grow as a woman, then sheDance is for you!  You will come out of it as an integrated, shining and radiant woman”. Kayla.


Wendy and Katie are real life magic weavers, healers, transformational coaches, shamanic students and embodiment practitioners… and have studied modalities from all around the globe from spiritual to science and somatic to shamanic… these powerhouse women of the realm bring 20 years of real life experience in the areas of human behaviour, embodiment, somatic therapy, breath, womens retreats, womens circles, and now the healing Rite of Passage to women through sheDance…. a journey through the divine feminine to bring yourself to life.  



Brilliant.  Empowering.  A journey to self and from beyond.
Bringing the Divine Feminine, the wise all knowing woman”
.  Zita.


“The most heart moving and opening experience I have ever had.  I now see me”.  Brooke.


We know as modern day women, we can be so busy or tired and we are screaming out for some time to hear ‘the real me’ inside.  sheDance is for the everyday woman who knows deep inside she shows up masked or blocked in some area.  And we just know… we are not doing life to the fullest of our desires…

Which is why we created sheDance, to come on a journey to meet with the real woman inside of you, to give her some space, to feel, to heal, and find her own answers and bring freedom to her from within.   sheDance – personal development through movement – is a fast tracked way to crack yourself open and upgrade the way you are doing life as a woman.  


“F*&king amazing!  To step into a safe space to truly show up to who you are.  That space deep inside thats been waiting for so long to express who you are, no avoiding, just open and receive. She was always there inside of me”. Lisa.


sheDance is an embodied journey around the Shamanic Medicine Wheel, incorporating the Menstrual and Divine Feminine Archetypes.  Once you take this journey, you open your internal portal, get into your power and live life feeling wise, sensual, free, whole and complete.  There is no turning back once this ancient wisdom is loaded into the cells of your body through movement medicine…. are you ready to join the sheDance Sisterhood?  This work is not for the faint hearted – it is for women who are sick of living mundane lives – and simply want MORE.   So take a moment to stop… feel… and listen… is She calling you?


Do you long to know who you really are?
(she is inside you now waiting to be birthed…)


If you want ‘more’ from your life and sick of it not being what you had dreamt of – sheDance is for you.

If you are showing up in a way that frustrates you, or upsets you and want to break free from old patterns weighting you down – sheDance is for you.

If you have ’emotional stuff ‘ that you know is weighing you down – sheDance is for you.

If the way you connect to yourself and others is not great and your relationships are suffering – sheDance is for you.

We teach you how to get into the seat of your
power and take care of yourself as a woman.  


“sheDance is like nothing I have ever experienced.  There is vulnerability, wonderful people and yummy food.  There is so much raw, real, beautiful and light.  And it is oh so safe. If you feel lost, if you feel empty, explore sheDance.  Stop.  Listen.  Act”.  Tanya.


sheDance was blogged about : read what one woman said about this work:   its here
and the powerful positive impact it continues to have on her life

trust…  in…  your…  inner…  voice…  she knows…  because she brought you here…



I joyously stand for freedom,
For wild innocence
Unbounded by artificial restraints,
Dogma, control and fear.
I joyously stand for the spirit of life,
Unique beauty.
I joyously stand for compassion.
For all the conditions
That have stamped on
And held this spirit/shakti captive,
And all that believes the lie.
I joyously stand for the awakening of truth,
Beneath and beyond the false belief systems
And the dance between the conditional
And unconditional
As it lives within me and others.
I joyously stand for the love
That brings us home.
I lead and protect innocence,
Coming home to truth
For all beings.
What matters is the love,
The truth,
Beneath the heavy load of our conditioning.
What matters is kindness,
Embodied sacred re membering,
Soft patience,
I am here to be the
Heart I am
To serve life
~ Kanchan Howe, Deep bow sister…


“sheDance was an embodiment experience that really took me to my edge – of comfort, of sureness and what I know, of being – and then dropped me into myself with such gentle grace that everything made sense. Katie and Wendy held a beautiful space and lead the group with honour and vulnerability.  I came in with questions and left centred, calm and sure”.  Fleur.

Sister talks 2


more praise for the epic sheDance retreat experience for women click here

sheDance movement medicine

What they have been saying about this experience…
‘it was an extremely emotional experience… its time to be my true self.
Today made me realise that I have the power to do so’.

The best part was ‘feeling connected to such beautiful women, being empowered to be a woman. I feel like I have been saved today. I feel I can take my life by the balls and live it, not just survive it’. 
‘I was a bit sceptical, but I loved the experience. I didn’t realise there was so much emotion so close to the surface. I need to connect to myself more frequently’.
‘I love it all. I am going to just be me, and not caring what others think of me’.
‘It was emotional, empowering and healing. I am enough and can tap into my feminine’.
‘I really enjoyed the movement, and exploring my body more. It was a wonderful experience, I feel free’.
‘It was a very unexpected experience. I really felt a force and power. I fear letting people in… I am (now) very comfortable in my skin’.
‘It still percolating! But I feel very positive, freeing and LIBERATING… loved the opportunity to experience freedom and natural movement’.



“I am feeling waves of deep Gratitude for Wendy and Katie and for sharing this offering of sheDance with us. Life can feel very overwhelming at times, especially during times of personal or social change and sheDance offers a beautiful retreat into my core – into the steady rhythm of life, the pulse that can hold and carry and guide me through uncharted territory. sheDance provides the space for me to explore what’s whole and true in me, despite what it looks and feels like on the surface.” C Geraldton.



sheDance… dancing the divine feminine 
here is some more of what they said…

‘I came tonight feeling exhausted and disconnected. By the end I feel connected to myself, energised and I can see, everything looks bright, like a light was turned on. Thank you’.
‘Really cool, I enjoyed it and found it easy to connect to the music’

‘Loved being around the other women on the same journey. I really like being the wild woman andseeing my little girl accepting the challenge’.
‘I felt teary and had not realised how much I had been neglecting my inner child. I felt freedom. Powerful. It was so freeing’.
‘I was able to make connection with each archetype, the guided words helped. I notice the empty space in my heart and connection to my body and mind’.
‘It was confronting and made me face a few honest truths. Like I need to have more fun! I loved the movement and connection to myself’.
‘I loved the expression and experimentation’.
‘I love connecting to my wise woman and work on my assertiveness. It was so good to get into my body and escape words and thinking’.
‘It was confronting but calming. I need to work on shame and shyness and my sensuality. It was a safe space. I needed to come tonight, it all makes sense. I need to free all parts of myself and take a journey’.
‘Everything was perfect’.
My experience was ‘strong, powerful, emotional and expressive. I loved the freedom to feel, the space, being held and supported’. 


When you go home from this ‘life-changing’ retreat… we take good care of you, and you get access to the closed FB group ‘sheDance Sisterhood’ for Graduates, where you will continue to be held and supported.  We also provide you with dancing playlists so that you can continue to integrate the powerful processes we teach you at home.  We also accept five Graduates into our exclusive one on one transformational coaching program.


“…sheDances… Wendy and Katie are two very different modern day Medicine Women, and this is a good thing.  Wendy walks in the lower realms… as the Wild Fire Earth Mumma and Katie journeys from above… as the Soulful Water Air Priestess.  Wendy and Katie organically embody different sections of the Medicine Wheel and this means the portal they create is balanced and powerful.  As embodiment practitioners, Wendy and Katie authentically heal in different ways.  You gain full access to a range of transformation modalities that dance between spirituality and science.  This work incorporates deep somatic practises that are powerfully held by aspects of the shamanic, energetic and cellular realms. Wendy and Katie create a foundation to support you to be the woman you want to be.  As Awakening Women experts, they have gone into the void and walked in the shadow.  They have unpacked their own childhood traumas, transcended systemic conditioning, healed relationship wounds and found meaning, purpose and connection. Together they birthed the sacred movement medicine of sheDance that delivers a powerful Rite of Passage for women who are ready to take up space in the world in an awakened way”.


NB: Be warned this program will change YOU, however rest assured it will be an investment in you like you’ve never experienced before.  The days of healing through the mind alone have ended, and we are called forward to journey deeper into the body.   Woman are felt sense creatures and we intuitively know the gateway to living healed and alive, is in the body.  Welcome… 

_Retreat Agreement – print, sign and return – acceptance agreement May 2018.

To assist you in planning to attend the retreat please book extra time before the retreat for travelling and settling into the venue.  PLUS two days off after the retreat to integrate this work.

Therefore we recommend the dates you gift yourself from approx 
23-29th May inclusive.  Please ask if you have any questions.  
Again, we highly recommend the extra time for travel and rest when you return home. 

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