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What an amazing journey.  I felt challenged.  I felt pushed.  I felt safe.  I felt love… I just felt so much it was so satisfying.  If you want to feel your edge, get pushed past it and grow as a woman, then sheDance is for you!  You will come out of it as an integrated, shining and radiant woman. Kayla.

sheDance was an embodiment experience that really took me to my edge – of comfort, of sureness and what I know, of being – and then dropped me into myself with such gentle grace that everything made sense. Katie and Wendy held a beautiful space and lead the group with honour and vulnerability.  I came in with questions and left centred, calm and sure.  Fleur.

FullSizeRender 4Loved how this process smashed my mirror and let the pieces settle, recategorised each shard and pieced it back to together through honouring all the archetypes of the Divine Feminine. Becoming whole again.  Complete.  I see myself with love, honour and respect.  Danielle. 

sheDance is like nothing I have ever experienced.  There is vulnerability, wonderful people and yummy food.  There is so much raw, real, beautiful and light.  And it is oh so safe. If you feel lost, if you feel empty, explore sheDance.  Stop.  Listen.  Act.  Tanya.

I was given a heads up before I came from a woman who walks with me ‘your body will fight, you mind will too, but follow your heart back to your souls home’.  This weekend smashed through so much of what I had such down in myself, it physically hurt and my mind gave me every reason to back down. Instead of backing down, I surrendered. In that surrendering I found myself filled with love and clarity of what to do from here on.  I am all I have ever wanted and needed even though my parts are angry at the things I have done to shut me down.  She loves me.  I love me.  THANK YOU!  Sinead.18557344_10211459496436402_6914664601760842732_n

I came to the weekend disconnected from others and disconnected from myself.  I could not see why anyone would think I was worthy of them. I didn’t feel worthy of loving myself.  In three days I have connected so intimately with myself that I can now see me. I have opened up my heart so others can see me too.  I realise that I am enough.  With all this I am so empowered, I am beautiful and its time for me to shine, really SHINE. Wendy and Katie, thank you for the love and connection.  Thank you for showing us from so deeply inside yourselves.  Andrea.

The most heart moving and opening experience I have ever had.  I now see me.  Brooke.

18589138_10211459271830787_1229227958891934728_oFor as long as I can remember I have lived a life of numbness and quiet despair. I moved through my days with a mask of cheerful competence, not wanting to let others know how little I actually felt.  This retreat pulled back the mask of civility and allowed me to feel deeply, to show up, to find my true voice.  If even a part of you is feeling a pull toward this retreat, do it, listen to that voice.  Tara.

Wow, what a journey.  I actually got so much more than I was expecting. Such a safe environment to explore myself and develop my feminine, alongside my sisters.  The space was sacred and divine, as well as magical. The weekend was so jam packed and we are all leaving here with something of value, having explore ourselves and our deep inner truths.  I am overflowing with joy and love for every lady here. This work is so important for every woman to do in their lives.  You are missing out on a happy complete self if you don’t do it.  Jasper.

Trust that this is the right place to journey back to you, if you are so called.  Thank you Wendy and Katie. Ladies of the Realm.  Alison.

I started my journey many years ago and needed to find pieces to heal me.  This weekend let me really feel, connect and be truthful to me.  It was what I was looking for, showing me what was broken in me and needed work, and that I am strong, and what parts of me, all together, do matter to me. The space is lead by two amazing souls who guided us through a safe space to go deeply inward.  Love all my sistas.  Leisha.

18588814_10211459007864188_4355833742500081407_oBrilliant.  Empowering.  A journey to self and from beyond.  Bringing the Divine Feminine, the wise all knowing woman.  Zita.

F*&king amazing!  To step into a safe space to truly show up to who you are.  That space deep inside thats been waiting for so long to express who you are, no avoiding, just open and receive. She was always there inside of me. Lisa.

Thank you for a wonderful, needed weekend.  From the music, rituals, set up, food, hostesses, what a wonderful journey.  You built a space, safety, and gave us permission to be ourselves. I can’t thank you enough for this life changing experience. Esta.

sheDance reconnected me with my Divine Self.  I got in touch with the power of my mind, my will power, sense of security, sense of joy and sensuality of the beautiful woman I am.  If you feel distant or disconnected from yourself – get on this!  You will not regret it.  Katie and Wendy – thank you from the bottom of my heart. Alexia.

18589020_10211459267390676_5836909311536104396_oOther comments;
OMG divine food, catered for everyones needs. I knew I was in safe hands. Really nice rhythm and flow. The energy held was amazing.  Want the next one to be longer!  I let go of all of my insecurities.  Venue looked so beautiful.  Delicious food!  So nutritious.  The flow of the program was perfect.  I felt safe and extremely involved.  I loved it 50 gazillion out of 10.  The flowers and alters were stunning.  I loved the openness of Katie and Wendy. I felt supported and contained the whole time.  So much love for you two beautiful souls.  Beautiful thank you.
Very well organised and flowed well.   Yummy perfect food.
The set up, decorations and scents absolutely beautiful.   You catered for everything.  Snacks and meals amazingly beautiful, living in next time would be fabulous.   20 out of 10 from me!  Delicious food, so nurturing.  I can’t thank you enough for the gift you have given me.   10+++.   The Priestesses Cath and Dani were beautiful.  I only wished we had more time!

Apply now for retreat number two.  16 places available only.   Enrol in the free sheDance video series for women under the sheDance link.  Email if you know you really want to be there, to get on the list. 

…deep bow sisters… xWendy and Katie…  We see you…



sheDance was recently blogged about… here is an excerpt;

“Recently I went to a retreat with the lovely Katie & Wendy .  It’s called a sheDance retreat.  I had some of the biggest discoveries in my life over this weekend.  I don’t really know where to start or what to say because it is so profound.

I can look at the sky now and see the blue that it is and know that is the colour it is meant to be, it is there for everyone to see and appreciate.  It is there for me to enjoy and marvel at.

I can see my 2 puppies and know that they come up to me for a pat because they love me and I can feel the love they give and it’s not just about what I can give them.

I can sit here on my verandah and know that because I love the person I am and I can accept the differences I have others will love me and accept those differences as well.  I am there person I was meant to be.

If I take the time to stop, listen and receive the messages my inner self is sending me I will follow through and do the things I am meant to do, because I have all the answers inside of me.  No one can fill the holes I feel I have on the inside. I can hold myself.  I have everything I need.  I am the person I have been waiting for.

I am oh so grateful to Katie and Wendy for holding the safe, sacred, beautiful space they did for myself and other women to go through and experience and discover for ourselves who we really are.  They are such loving, caring and giving women.  Sacred Women’s Work is something we have lost contact with in this world of busy and it’s women like these two that are bringing it back and the world will be forever grateful for this as they spread their words, knowledge and love far and wide”.  🙏 KT. ‘myfarminglife’.

sheDance sacred womens business retreat… what they said!
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