My Coach Wendy delivers a professional no-nonsense approach to achieve rapid positive change. Wendy works privately one-on-one so that you can reach your full potential in all areas of life. This includes creating more balance between work and play, happier relationships, sacred womens work, authentic leadership development, family support and parent training. Practitioner Coach Wendy focuses on the deeply personal areas of your life to create incorporating professional guidance and transformative life changing therapies NLP3 mBIT skills you will be able to enjoy your life right now, so much more. Coaching is suitable for women, couples, tweens.


Feminine Abundance ~ Mindfulness for Women

Happy Families ~ Confident Parents

Loving Relationships ~ Balanced Living

Purpose ~ Passion ~ Authentic ~ Soulful

Happiness from the inside out ~ we take good care of you

Videos by Wendy on her YouTube Channel called My Coach Wendy.

Wendy is located at Straight Up Health in Geraldton – click here

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