Journeys with Wendy will magically
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All you need to do is dive in deep and Wendy will guide you with the rest.  

Its easy… and simply begins by saying ‘YES’ to you!  

Many women who choose to journey with Wendy will immerse in several of the following…

Where would you love to begin?

One-on-one journeys of profound personal change,
Face to face in Geraldton WA & Skype everywhere else…

You can work intimately with Wendy one-on-one.  Personal life coaching is focussed entirely on you, the change you desire and clearing what gets in the way of living life on your terms.  If you are unsure where to begin, just ask Wendy.  Or just say yes to you and let Wendy pick!

Personal Life Coaching suitable for men and women.

reWilding for women.  Come unlock your power and potential to live life awake!  BOOM!

VIP Skype Journey Package Offer please confirm I have a spot available before you sign up.

Mindfulness and Embodiment for women.  Get in your body and feel more…

Personal Coaching Agreement complete this & return before you begin your coaching.

How Happy are YOU? a free download to get you reflecting on what you need first.

NY 2018 creating epically good goals for 2018.  Creating more meaning and purpose.




Womens Circles, Sacred Events and Retreats…

Wendy is a recognised leader in sacred womens work, retreats, rite of passage, womens circles, training in sacred space holding and facilitating profound workshops.  Wendy will host events, speak at events and can travel upon request. 

Womens Work retreats, workshops and facilitation. 

The Body Worship Project small groups or one-on-one.

Womens Circle in Geraldton, or ask how Circle can happen in your community.

The Feminine a free download taster to reflect on the cultivation of your divine feminine.

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You may also like to ask Wendy to co-facilitate with you, or hold sacred space at your event.
For any ‘out of the box’ ideas just ask Wendy direct.  (she loves out of the box stuff).




Relationships and families…

Wendy is a real life human just like you.  She has been on a 20 year journey herself as a woman to grow up and love herself in her own unique skin. She is long-term married with two free range confident teenagers.  She embodies a practical non-nonsense approach to living a happy life from the inside out.  If you want to talk about the secret ingredients to making love work, Wendy is your woman!  Wendy has also journeyed through her own dark humanness, grief, breakdowns and conditioning to be the down to earth thriving woman you see today.  You can trust she has ‘got you’ and ‘gets it’.  She is down to earth and easy to talk to. 

Reconnecting Lovers Program for couples.

Lovers Worksheet download this free worksheet for couples who are ready to reconnect.

Raising Kids Who Thrive for parents.


Videos by Wendy over here @ YouTube My Coach Wendy.

If you ‘just know’ you are ready to begin ~ print this agreement and return to me. 

Personal Coaching Agreement
read, sign and return before your first session. Big loves.. xW

If you want Wendy to speak on a topic of interest to you, just ask. 

Excerpt from ‘Inspired’ Magazine.  by Samille Mitchell

“A group of women – strangers just two days before ­– stands in a circle with incense, candles and a bunch of sage burning from the circle centre. In the dimmed light they begin to move, one woman in front of another. They stand close and stare at each other in the eyes. It’s horribly uncomfortable at first. They squirm at this intense gaze, fidget, shuffle. But they resist the urge to look away. And soon they begin to see, really see, each other. This simple act of looking deeply into another person’s soul brings tears of emotion to some, radiant smiles to others.

What is it about looking deeply into another’s eyes that evokes such a powerful response? The answer, according to life coach and women’s circle facilitator Wendy Watters, is easy – connection.”

She came to realise how the chronic restlessness and busyness that had been part of her farming upbringing was destroying her soul. “In my family of high achievers being busy was really valued,” Wendy says. “There was no time to sit around reading books, and we certainly didn’t do anything frivolous.” Wendy’s personal inquiry taught her the value of slowing down – of picking up a feather and putting it in her hair, of adorning the kitchen table with wildflowers, of admiring the beauty in simple everyday things.

It’s a learning Wendy teaches in her modern-day goddess retreats today. She encourages women to take the time to reflect, to indulge in arts or craft (no matter what their talent), to revel in the beauty of flowers, candles and music, to chat with other women, to indulge in whatever simple things remind them of nature’s beauty, of the magic in everyday life.

Wendy’s personal inquiry taught her the value … of admiring the beauty in simple everyday things

logo 2Women’s circles

While life was back on track now, Wendy still felt a lingering restlessness – like something was missing. It wasn’t there all the time, but still, she kept searching for answers on her personal quest for knowledge. Always keen to try something new, Wendy was quick to accept an invite to a women’s circle. She didn’t really know what she was in for. She’d heard rumours of dancing naked around a campfire and howling at the moon. But to hell with it. It sounded exciting. She was up for it.

She remembers sitting in her first circle five years ago, candles aglow in the circle centre, surrounded by welcoming women. Yet she felt uneasy at the way they shared, open and unguarded, a little taken aback at the circle rules that forbid you from wanting to ‘solve’ others’ problems. “All the women were quite loving and nice, and really welcoming but at first I felt really different, really like an outsider. I felt awkward and a bit weird,” she recalls.

Still, there was something about the circle that captured her interest. So month after month, she returned. Each month they’d discuss a new topic ­­- feelings, families, relationships, marriages, sex, the moon. But these weren’t ordinary conversations. Women simply shared what they wish to share. No one responded to others’ comments, no-one tried to solve others’ problems. It was a practice at revealing the real you, of coming up with your own answers.

It wasn’t until Wendy recently explained to circle newcomers how women’s circles had helped her that she realised how much she’d changed. “I just realised that the big empty hole inside of me was gone,” she says. “Like magic, it was gone. I realised I’d felt that way for a while now – all those fucking years of searching and it’s gone.”

The realisation was a revelation. So keen was she for other women to experience such a transformation that Wendy launched her modern-day goddess camps to introduce other women to the power of women’s circles. “Connecting to women on a deep level has changed my life. I have learnt to really accept myself,” she says

“Connecting to women on a deep level has changed my life. I have learnt to really accept myself.”

“I believe circle works as a model of profound personal change because it is an embodiment practice. We take a journey beneath our own skin to access our authentic wisdom and answers. We already are the masters of using our head brain. So it’s time to drop back into the body, blow out those dusty corners to bring your whole self to life again. I am inspired by the everyday woman who is brave enough to allow themselves to show up and be seen and declare as a celebration ‘here I am, this is me!’  No more hiding, being real.”



You may also like to ask Wendy to co-faclilate with you, or hold sacred space at your event.
For any ‘out of the box’ ideas please email Wendy direct.  (she loves out of the box stuff).

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