Womens Circle Leader – Mentor – Coach – Trainer

Available : Face to Face – Skype – Womens Circles – Weekend and Day Retreats.  

Wendy will travel, just ask…


What if Y O U already have and are everything you need but you are not accessing it?
Do you have a feeling buried deep inside like something is missing?
Have you been doing personal development the traditional way and you are just not making life changing progress you want?
Do you feel like getting balanced and happy is a hard slog and you just can’t seem to pull it off?
Gosh even thinking about it gets you down…  You are in the right place Goddess…

Come reWild and return home to being raw and real… you are worthy, you are enough. 
Diving deep into Sacred Womens Work…  set yourself free ‘to be me’.

Wendy will take you through a range of powerful topics especially for women to come alive.
Dive deep beneath the skin to know and love yourself like never before
Y E S… this is the beginning of something wonderful…

Rewilding topics you can explore as an example include:

  • Deepen your connection to your core essence and the full power of the divine woman that you are.
  • Learn mindfulness for women.  Stop that busy monkey mind and embody real and powerful presence.
  • Reclaim your womb wisdom to access your true inner knowing.  Live more deeply.
  • Rewild yourself in nature through the sacred medicine drum and powerful guided meditations.
  • Reconnect to your lover.  Reignite the passion.  Wake up your libido!  Rewild your sensuality.
  • Feminine embodiment, and why you want it in your life.  The key to joy filled flow.
  • Rediscover that you are everything you need.  Rewild your ability to heal yourself.
  • Rewild your body through dance and movement and learn how to heal your nervous system. 
  • Reattune your sixth senses.   Learn how to set powerful intentions and access your archetypes.
  • Harness the power of your amazing menstrual cycle.  When to act and when to rest.  Learn lunar wisdom.
  • Come immerse yourself in Menstrual Mentoring ~ one of the most powerful journeys a woman can take!
  • Return to womens ceremony and ritual that transform the mundane into the sacred.
  • Bring in your Goddess.  Call her in.  Get to know her.  Activate your Divine Feminine.
  • Taking care of your body.  Transcend self loathing and welcome self-care.
  • Soul reconnection.  Deepen the spiritual practice of Y O U.
  • Reconnect to your inner-child. Bring her in. Talk with, love and heal her.
  • Remember and immerse yourself in the art of pleasure through creativity and sacred craft
  • Whole-being living.  How to make clear decisions and problem solve with ease.
  • Action planning.  Make yourself a plan.  Short and long term goals.  Rewild your longings.
  • What is it that Y O U want?  Make a list and let me know.  Lets do this!  I have got you.
  • Take a sacred and inner journey to discover and know who you really are
  • Getting excited? Then search no more – Y O U have arrived at the right place… It IS time.
  • Learn how to live in the experience of life to access more flow, fun and freedom.
  • Activate in the seat of your personal power. No more waiting for something or someone else to make you happy. Claim it now. 


“I have been immersing myself in this work for the past twenty years… through countless modalities from spiritual, science and into embodiment. My work now is an expression of the epic journey I have taken myself as a woman to love myself and know I am whole and complete”. 


What they are saying: ‘… tonight’s class was amazing and scary. I can’t believe in one session, I’ve hit home on some things that have really troubled me all my life…insane and scary and exciting. 😀 thankyou…’

‘…. I’ve been trying to heal this stuff by traditional methods for years and BAM you just took me there in one session… I experienced such a big release… thank you’ E.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.42.55 PM

 ‘… you see I never take time anymore, time for me, like real time.  Wendys circles allow me to do that.  To Connect again to myself.  To feel myself.  I kept her so hidden with busyness.  I walked away 02-IMG_7268from each Circle feeling more empowered and feminine and certain and full and content – like really content with who I am.  And I loved it.  I love your wisdom…’

‘… thank you so much Wendy! Wow I just keep thinking what a fantastic experience it was, I am so grateful for you and the lovely women! I feel very fulfilled which is a lovely feeling!  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing experience…’

‘… I feel I have been given the tools to rediscover myself as a woman and reconnect with my husband…

‘…Initially I felt very challenged by the idea of entering into the realm of a “women’s circle”, although I love being a woman, I have always purposely stood alone in my womanhood, as I have had difficulty in the past with connecting to women’s business. The idea of being around women and sharing was extremely confronting to me – much easier to exist in a man’s world, as I have always done, and carry on with the raucous behaviour that I do enjoy.  However, I AM a woman.  I recognise that my strength is in being a woman and I am proud to have that strength and courageousness which is intrinsic to all women.  So, I told myself to get over myself and take the leap. :)
The warmth love and support as well as the underlying respect was immediate upon entering.  Wendy is a graceful and wise leader.  Wendy led us down a road of exploration as a group and as individuals which allowed us to each be supportive but also let our own thoughts flow. Each week, I found myself appreciating a new sense of being, a rediscovery of the importance of being the woman I am and a connection and respect to the group.  
Our setting was always beautiful and relaxing and was put together with obvious thoughtfulness and love.
I am sincerely grateful to you Wendy.  Your taster women’s circles have been a wonderful experience…

IMG_2754‘… I am leaving feeling hopeful and confident and ready to face life and take
action. I am so grateful…’

‘… A beautifully facilitated program which I felt safe to participate and express
myself. Loved meeting and spending time with other women. I feel lighter in spirit and more focussed to make changes in my life to be ME…’

‘… and environment where we can be open, honest and real.  I am so thankful and blessed I came and honour the beautiful women who were in the Circle…’


Wendy is available to collaborate in attending events and retreats as a Womens Circle Leader to suit your needs. Just ask. 


Contact Wendy now with any questions,

‘I have reconnected to my husband. As good as it used to be three years ago. I have let go of controlling every moment. I can’t believe that loving me more would have such an impact on my whole life. I am allowing my feelings just to be, and thats a huge thing for me. I have even noticed how I used to hold so much tension in my jaw, I feel it really easing now. I feel like I have surrendered to all of me, instead of being so logical and overthinking everything. I can’t believe how far I have come in the past few months of coaching. I know I am different, grown, and I won’t go back to the old me’. (she had four Skype sessions). She came to coaching because she had begun suffering from loud ringing in her ears and anxiety.  Click on Testimonials to read more…

Hi I am Wendy… devoted to supporting women to shine through sacred womens business and personal coaching… Together we dive into achieve deeper connection, profound healing, joyfilled balance and meaningful growth. The simple pathway to living a life that is authentically happy from the inside out.  I believe, we have all that we need within.  Embodiment is the fastest pathway of waking up from our mundane slumbers…   Through movement, we tap into the dormant pieces of our souls desires.  As a coach, trainer and mentor.. I am honoured to journey you deep into your core to find the pieces that long to be alive… to activate and awaken. 

feel the ancient longing…16990552_730572027110718_113156125_o
open the mysterious portal…
bring her into her body…
experience your power…
internal knowing rises…
sense based intelligence opens…
lean in deeper…
be still now
…there she is
feel her…
give her space to take over…
dance into the shadow…
fall away now…

My own journey over the past 20 years of healing and learning has seen me embody a vast collection of progressive modalities…

And so..  as a Sacred Womens Worker, I draw on modern and ancient pathways to take you on a profound journey to become a whole and complete woman.  Together we honour and nurture our spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual aspects this human experience.

Dancing between and holding space through the menstrual archetypes.  Including the mysterious depth of Winters Wise Woman, the visioning spirit of the Springtime Maiden, the nurturing sensuality of the ripe Summer Mother and truth in showing up and being seen through Autumns untamed Wild Woman. All held at the centre of the Medicine Wheel by the infinite Divine Feminine HERself.  Here you are reminded… you are whole and complete…

Its all about connection.. finding your true self and bringing her home. She is waiting for you.  


Personal Life Coach – Sacred Womens Warrioress

Generative NLP3 Practitioner. mBIT (multi brain intelligences) Coach. TimeLine Therapy.

One-on-one – Small Groups – Womens Circle Journeys– Retreats – Skype.  

www.mycoachwendy.com.au      Wendy Watters 0427 719 720

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