The most important thing you will ever do.


Supporting you in your awesomeness to be the best parent you can be. Take any anxieties or stress out of parenting and being a family. Best of the best. A quality upbringing.

You can end your tiring search for the simple most effective tools that really do work. We have them and we will give them to you.

Coaching gives you full access to a practical and simple tool kit that helps you to be the best version of yourself. Wendy has researched and road tested popular parenting models across the globe to bring you a short cut to the stuff that really works. Have you read the testimonials?

If you have children then Parent Coaching is for you!  Parent coaching will transform your family.

Some common problems shared by MyCoachWendy clients:

  • My children wont listen
  • People say my children are naughty
  • There are just some parts I need help with
  • I am feeling so stressed out and tired parenting my kids
  • I want to make sure I am doing my best
  • My child is anxious.
  • I just need something new to get me through this tough period
  • I want my kids to turn out awesome, and get it right
  • My teen is unhappy
  • My kids are so different with their behaviours and I need a new approach
  • Its affecting our marriage
  • I need someone else to talk too
  • I feel like I am always fighting with my kids
  • I just want things to be easier
  • I dont have time, I just need it fixed. I am exhausted
  • My child is not sleeping.
  • I think its just a tough patch I need some outside support
  • Just lately my child is driving me crazy
  • The kids are not getting on and I want to do something about it now
  • My daughter has friendship problems
  • My teen son is going off the rails and not talking to us anymore

“Your guidance helped to transform our family”.*Heather.

“Learnt heaps…can’t wait to practise what I learnt and gain long term benefits for my family xx”Mandy*

“MyCoachWendy who has amazing skills and attributes when it comes to communicating and understanding children”. *Jane.

The results you can expect from seeing MyCoachWendy:

  • Keeping parenting simple and realistic
  • Encourage, teach and empower your child
  • Developing moral excellence through the virtues
  • Breaking patterns from the past
  • Conscious mothering and fathering from the heart
  • Managing difficult behaviour and emotional mastery
  • Using everyday experiences as teachable moments
  • Have happy children who do as they are asked
  • Quality relationships and connections
  • Family balance, bringing back the fun
  • Establishing routine and great patterns
  • Day to day struggles like bullying are no longer a problem with the new skills you learn
  • Self control and self regulation leading to quality choices and success later in life
  • Bring the happiness back into your life, parenting and family.
  • What kind of parent do you want to be?
  • How would you like to raise your child?
  • Is your child ready to go out into the world?
  • What is going to make the difference you need right now?

The most important years in a childs social, behavioural, relationship, emotional intelligence, skill building, love and connection is under the age of twelve

My Coach Wendy works with current research and best practice parenting.

The best of the best, in the comfort of your own home. No need to organise a babysitter.

Yes one off sessions can solve an issue right now and ongoing coaching supports you to really grow and shine.
“Coaching is the most powerful force of change on earth”
Loving life with kids included.  Bring back the balance and fun.  Lets get going!
“Providing you with the simple yet powerful tools to raise a happy healthy child who thrives”.  
She is my coach too.

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