20280641_2125085417517481_5647438914983263066_oWhat if you already ‘know it’ in your head… but your heart and body is just not on board… you self sabotage your success and get frustrated and give up!…

So you read the ‘self help’ book and now you want to become the heroine… we do this through embodiment coaching – with means you MOVE… exploring yourself through the breath, touch, sound and unstructured movement as I professionally guide and coach you…


Do you want to feel more?

Do you long for your busy head to chill out?

Come and have a private one on one.


You will take a journey through talk, free movement, touch and breathing – and you journey all of this with your goal.  Come and learn what Mindfulness can do for you… what it feels like to be in your body… and out of your head!



What is the problem you want to solve?

Do something different and come alive.

Clear your blocks and create more flow.

This is sacred womens work…

This program is PERFECT if you feel like you are stuck in your head and cant find any inner peace.  You find it hard to unhook from being ‘busy’ and your head is often racing.


Its also perfect for those who ‘get it‘ in your head and can’t seem to make mindfulness a part of your life…

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