Connection Passion Balance Purpose – and feel A L I V E

A one-on-one private and confidential journey.

Do you want to reach your full potential?  Do you want more meaning in your life?

Our highest expression of happiness is a combination of creativity, compassion and courage.



What do you want to feel more of?

What are your dreams and desires?

Its time to take a fresh look, get to know yourself, heal yourself and recreate yourself. MyCoachWendy will guide you to simplify, get more out of your life, live with balance, confidence and joy, passion and purpose.

WHY women come to Personal Coaching:

The common challenges in our modern busy complex world:

  • Stress and burnout.  Overload and exhaustion.
  • Busyiness vs balance.  Desires, goals and dreams.
  • Economics vs authenticity. (Doing what I have to vs Doing what I love)
  • Effectiveness and wisdom in decision making.
  • Stuck in your head instead of using your ‘whole body’ wisdom and power.
  • Seeking real happiness and wellbeing.
  • Who am I, what am I meant to be doing and why am I here?
  • Treadmill rat race living. Choice and technology.
  • Internal conflict. Feeling stale and bored.
  • Relationships, connection vs loneliness and separation from joy.
  • Wanting more from life.
  • Live to your full potential and the most wonderful expression of your true self.
  • Wanting to let go of old stories holding you back from living joy filled.

YOU decide: ‘It doesn’t matter what happens, its how you respond that counts’. 

The results – what you can expect after seeing MyCoachWendy:

‘…. I’ve been trying to heal this stuff by traditional methods for years and today – BAM – you just took me there in one session… I experienced such a big release… the one I have been longing for… thank you’ E.

“Absolutely loved my session today, exactly what I needed – THANK YOU!” …. having such clear insight and understanding I now can get back to doing what it is I really want to do – and that feels amazing!”  x Renee

“Talking to you released a lot of stress.  It’s all starting to happen I feel so good !!!! ”.  *Rachel

“I am only too happy to tell others about the value that I have gained from your life coaching with me. I think of our sessions as a gift to me from me!” Mel

You have come to this page for a reason, now is the time to do something about it… Get happy from the inside out and the rest will honestly fall into place. This is what Coaching clients experience, and so much more. You can now too.

How satisfied are you right now in the areas of career, handling your emotions, raising your children, relationships with friends and family, the relationship with your lover-passion-intimacy, your relationship with money, overall health and spiritual wellbeing? All areas we will work on together. Join us. It is awesome. What are you goals right now?

WHAT is Personal Life Coaching?

Many therapies just focus on the conscious thinking mind. This is the traditional in for the long haul approach. However Wendy is professionally trained in the most progressive whole person therapies to deliver positive change at a much faster, deeper and lasting level.
You can expect your Personal Coaching Journey to be completed in three to six sessions. The whole person holistic approach is taken.

Wendy makes sure you reconnect with your whole true self using the most progressive methods of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. You will learn to trust your own wise beating heart, activate your whole body intelligence and love your true luscious self. It is especially for those women who know they want to make positive change and get happy.

More flow, more power, more love, more balance. Feel, connect and trust.

Personal coaching delivers the positive change you are unable to do yourself so that you can reach your full potential. Coaching gives you practical tools and simple solutions to successfully cope with any stress and challenge. Simply it brings rapid and positive change into any area of your personal life including relationships and parenting. Welcome more balance, meaning and joy into your life.

To reach your full potential as a woman.  F I N D yourself. 
Behaviour change and emotional release.  L O V E  yourself. 
Spiritual wellness and balanced living.  C O M E alive. 

She is my coach too, who is yours?



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