A20229724_2123942007631822_2754533362257295386_os a woman in a long term relationship, I know first hand that it takes understanding & acceptance in love to stay connected as you grow together.   

As a personal coach who has been working with couples and individuals for many years, and I hear often the energy it takes couples struggling to keep the passion alive, in this often hectic world. 


Do you feel like your relationship is in trouble?

Are you like passing ships in the night and not really talking?

Are you stuck how to reconnect and enjoy one another again?

Do you feel lonely and resent gets in the way of a connected love?

Are you with the one you want to grow old with?

Will you last the distance to grow old together the way you are currently doing your love?

Are you ready to reignite your passion and come back together in a new grown up kinda way?


The reassuring news is… you are not alone just most couples feel ashamed to talk about the actual state of their marriage behind closed doors… loneliness, or disconnect, not talking, resent or guilt, no sex life and so on… or in social situations we might laugh it off and put your lover down for not meeting your real needs… 

Are you ready to face the truth and reconnect?  

Are you ready to lead the way back to fun and love?

Everyone in long term relationship have their moments.  Some bigger than others.  I have been with my husband for some 25 years!  Gosh I know thats a long time!  And we have been through many epic struggles of disconnect, pressures of work, kids, trauma, family and everything in between.  We have both lost and found ourselves along the way… 

So this is WHY I know first hand the actual magical ingredients and secrets it takes – because I have journey all of this myself.  AND we still put our love first, to keep the warm fires burning… Yes, we still wax and wane sometimes in our own journey as a long term couple committed to growing old together, because like you, we are real life too… 

After offering relationship support for many years, I have now put the best bits together to create a sacred journey for couples – if the above sounds a bit like you and you are ready to reconnect this program will be for you.  This journey involves a range of tools and techniques to rapidly change the state of your marriage – talking, touch, movement, breathe and sound.   Its designed to fast track your reconnection so you are back talking, touching and actually feeling an aliveness in your marriage. 

This is a six week journey of private and confidential mentoring.

I professionally lead you both through areas – together as a couple;

Communication – clear blocks and really enjoy talking and sharing again. Beyond the daily whinge and grind.  

Connection – clear baggage in the way to opening your hearts to loving deeper.  Feel again.

Intimacy – surrender to begin held and loved and feel the passion returning.   End the loneliness. 


Email Wendy to find out more.  Limited numbers available for the remainder of 2017. 

This 6 week program includes powerful face-to-face coaching, homework and check-in phone calls.  

Available for Geraldton and surrounds couples only.  Hepburn House 63 Gregory Street Geraldton. 

Don’t wait… otherwise it might be too late… 

What would you like your love to look like in 6 weeks time?  

What problem are you ready to solve?

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