I’m for you if:IMG_5976

You’re no longer willing to compromise yourself, or what you want. You’re willing to take a risk and change your life.

You’re done with settling for the mundane, and ready to stop telling yourself you can’t do, be or have what you want. You’re sooo ready to break free.

You have a deep longing and desire to experience more of who you are, and what you’re capable of.

This path of Self-discovery is calling you. You have the true desire to step forward and meet yourself. You don’t need to know how it’s going to happen.



I’m here to journey with you, side by side.

You’ve been waiting long enough for life to get better… But without taking action, nothing will change. The longer you wait, the heavier life gets, and the more space all the things you don’t want take up, and the more overwhelming it feels.

You don’t need to wait for life to fall apart. You can make the choice to be ready now.


I’m for you if you’re ready!   To wake up, to take action, and do it.


I’m Wendy Watters, a modern day Medicine woman, fully committed to deeply guiding you on the process to reclaiming your own feminine medicine. It’s my honour to hold a strong, powerful and sacred space for you to transform, shift and reclaim your true self, so you can go after what you want.

My approach is grounded, real and deep. I don’t shy away from the shadows and instead celebrate and embrace the complexities of who you are. I give you freedom and full permission to express the taboos and pieces you hold in the dark, and bring all of your authentic feminine expression into the light.

I went off seeking answers and have come back to a place where I realise I have everything I need inside of myself. This is what all women need – to return to trusting ourselves, and not seeking answers from the outside.

I’m part of the global movement of many, many healers and leaders who’ve been called forth by the Divine Feminine, as her warrior women, create the changes we need on Earth. My whole life has been preparing me for this: to wake up, to never settle, because we are the ones who need to take action for ourselves. It is our responsibility to change our own lives, and the world we live in.

I am inspired by the brave, everyday woman who takes the risk to show up, let down her guard, to be real and allow herself to be seen for who she really is.

If you’re ready to be that woman, and take action to change your life…




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Wendy is a certified Facilitator, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Generative NLP3 Practitioner, mBIT (multi-brain intelligences embodiment) Certified Coach, Time-line Therapy Practitioner, Womens Circle Leader, Sacred Space and Womens Worker. Wendy is continuing evolving by taking the pathway of the Priestess studying Shamanic Ceremony and Ritual and Sacred Earth Medicine. She is a Kundalini Tantra Student and committed to supporting long-term lovers.  Wendy also is a Awakening The Virtues Educator, Behaviour and Emotion Coaching Practitioner, Cert Reiki II and Family Systemics Healer. 




To relax, Wendy loves hanging out with her menagerie of animals, camping, fishing, roaming barefoot in her garden and exploring the world with her family.  She practises Yoga and Mindfulness, and loves natural therapies. Wendy is known to go naked swimming and howl on a full moon with women on a journey to reWilding the Divine Feminine. She loves good food and wine. Especially around a well stoked camp fire while gazing up at the stars.


Wendy brings over 20 years of personal experience in human potential, spiritual practice and embodied wisdom. She continues to go on learning immersions and is always adding to her dynamic tool kit.  Wendy also loves to be a student and regularly attends deep trainings and retreats to stay rooted in the awakening of the feminine and her own journey of healing and growth as an embodied woman. 

You can follow and chat with Wendy directly on Facebook at My Coach Wendy.

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